The Best Deluxe Aerial Yoga Hammock for Your Yoga Routines

With yoga, one is able to connect with oneself so that so you connect more eloquently with the others around us and the world we live in. With yoga, it is like we dive deeply into ourselves and come out fresh into the world. Aerial Yoga is a  type of Yoga that utilizes a tool which is a circus hammock to achieve the traditional Yoga positions. These Yoga positions lead us to a calm nervous system and many other health benefits. Tara Styles have published a book that you might find helpful. The book is called  Yoga Cures: Simple Routines to Conquer More Than 50 Common Ailments and Live Pain-Free. Anyways, for those who are practicing or wants to practice Aerial Yoga, let’s find out about the The Best Deluxe Aerial Yoga Hammock for Your Yoga Routines, one made by CircuSoul.

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This aerial yoga set offered by CircuSoul already includes what you will need to fly: a 2x Steel carabiners, 2x 5/16″ Steel Quick Links, Adjustment Ropes and the deluxe flying yoga hammock which is available in many different vibrant colors. The whole fabric is 110″ wide, 10 yards long.

What makes this yoga hammock the best?

CircuSouls’s Deluxe Aerial Yoga Hammock or yoga sling is made of nylon fabric, knotted to form a hammock. Unlike most yoga hammocks available in the market, it can envelope the entire human body (like a cocoon) which add more fun and versatility on your yoga practice. It is indeed great for aerial yoga, meditation and can also be used as a yoga chair. It also has handles for added help, as well as stirrups for fun moves that  can gives support to your  body in all your yoga practice and allows you to stretch your body deeper.

This aerial equipment is designed by the company’s director himself and has combined his 13 years of experience in aerial arts with his passion and knowledge for yoga to have crafted the most versatile yoga hammock on the market. The design of this hammock is very simple and easy to wash and that’s apart from the great colors of the hammocks that would definitely add an artistic ambiance to any space.


  • Comes in many different vibrant colors
  • Large enough to make a human cocoon
  • Durable (made from nylon fabric)
  • Can be easily washed
  • Can be used in many different ways
  • Looks very stylish in the yoga room (or any room)
  • Set includes stirrups and handles


  • Installation can be a bit intricate as the purchase does not come with instructions, and also does not come with the hardware to install to your ceiling (the company will be releasing a DVD for aerial yoga soon!)
  • Washable but too much exposure to sunlight may wear off the vivid colors.

Note: CircuSoul offers help in finding the proper installation hardware (or plans in installation for your hammock. You may contact them at this telephone number: 941-467-5884 or email them at



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