Alienware M18x R2 AM18XR2-7111BK 18-Inch Laptop Review

For the past 15 years the folks at Alienware have been churning out high-end gaming systems, and thankfully they continue to so! With the Alienware™ M18x R2 AM18XR2-7111BK 18-Inch Laptop, you can have the best of both worlds – where every battle ends in triumph merging high-end desktop-quality gaming with 18.4″ laptop freedom. The Alienware M18x looks intimidating and has the performance chops that gamers crave. Read on with this Alienware M18x R2 AM18XR2-7111BK 18-Inch Laptop Review for more information.

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The M18x Laptop is Alienware’s flagship mobile gaming system designed to let you experience the game exactly the way the game designers intended… no matter where you are. Anyone who has seen the mind-blowing gaming machine will understand from its sheer size that it means business. Alienware M18x is equipped with an outstanding array of enthusiast-class components and the latest in entertainment technology.

Just to give you an idea of the  Alienware™ M18x’s sheer power, it can handle up to two of the M17x’s most powerful graphic cards! The M18x delivers up to 200 watts of dedicated graphics power taking the system to performance levels that would make any desktop grudging. Truth of the matter, is this particular beast is rated as one of the Top 10  best gaming laptops. Click here for other laptop options.

Product highlighted options:

Its processor options include 3rd Gen IntelTM Core  i7 Quad Core CPUs.  The Core i7 extreme is also available at both its standard speed as well as an over locked version to boost the system performance even higher. This system packs up to 32GB of dual channel ddr3 RAM and support for XMP DDR3 memory – options up to 1866 – providing incredible speed.

All of the graphics options on the Alienware™ M18x also utilize the most advanced graphics memory available – GDDR5. You can also take your gaming experience form the 18.4″ true 1080 White-LED display to your big HD TV using wireless HD technology which is essentially a wireless HDMI connection, and even plays using a standard Xbox controller.  Alienware™ M18x’s graphics capabilities enable you to play any of the latest games at the highest resolution settings.


  • Sleek keyboard and the nine lighting zones that make up the AlienFXTM System Lighting experience.
  • The front end has a Corvette-like shape that makes the notebook look fast standing still.
  • Alienware Command Center software you have access to a variety of themes so you can personalize as much as you like and make your system come alive.
  • There is also an HDMI-In 1.3 port that allows you to hook up various HD sources like a Blu-Ray player or gaming console such as Wii, PlayStation3 or XBOX360.
  • You can set up your lighting themes to trigger during certain system events like when you get an email you can have your keyboard blink yellow.
  • Latest Alienware Command Center we’re introduced AlienAdenalineTM.  This module lets you create shortcuts that activate profiles you’ve defined to start your own personalized experience for each of your games.
  • Installed with a 2MP webcam with a dual digital microphones, gigabit Ethernet for incredibly fast internet and networking and a battery-meter underneath the system.
  • In Alienware Command Center, you can find AlienFusion, a handy power management module that lets you configure your settings to maximize performance and efficiency, extend the already excellent battery life even when playing.


  • Screen has some glare issues, but you can solve this with matte overlays. There are some made specifically for this laptop that makes this almost a non-issue. If you do not have a light source behind you, then problem is rendered debatable.
  • This monster is heavy (17 pounds), but shows zero flex when lifting it by one end.
  • When it’s resting in your lap, it really digs into your legs. But then again, that’s not what this is designed for.


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Alienware M18x R2 AM18XR2-7111BK 18-Inch Laptop