PAPAGO GoWatch 770 Multi-Sport GPS Watch Review

PAPAGO! Inc. is a company that was established in Taipei, Taiwan around 2001 where they pioneered in manufacturing car dashcams in the market. The company is devoted in providing drivers a comfortable and safe travel when driving on the road. Having such promise and tenure in the market, the PAPAGO! GoWatch 770 Multi-Sport GPS Watch is indeed product to look forward to. Know more about this fitness device through this PAPAGO GoWatch 770 Multi-Sport GPS Watch Review.

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Having an active and healthy lifestyle with our friends is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy body. Here is where this GPS sports watch comes really helpful as it gives full information about your running data which can be shared on social networks as well and have it compared friends who share the same passion.

What are the best features of this  Multi-Sport GPS Watch?

The design of PAPAGO! GoWatch 770 Multi-Sport GPS Watch is very modish which is suitable and great for both sports and casual wears. This sports watch uses a Mitsubishi special panel surface hardness of up to 6H, making it more scratch resistant. The accuracy of its GPS is highly commendable as it has worked consistently, even when you are in the forest where some GPS systems have difficulty. Its large display is beneficial because it makes it very easy to look on the screen at anytime in order to monitor your pace. The screen is large enough to read it but not too large as to be uncomfortable for distance running.

This device is waterproof and meets the IPX6/IPX7 waterproof standard. With such standard, it supports you to keep going with your training enthusiasm regardless of any weather condition. The battery is also powerful and long-lasting. Charging time goes approximately around 2.5 Hrs. If the the GPS is turned on, the battery can last for up to 12 hours and if on standby, can last for up to 20 days.


  • Modish and stylish design that can be worn daily (even at work)
  • Durable material used
  • Water resistant of up to 165 feet/50 meters (IPX6/IPX7 Standard)
  • Scratch resistant
  • GoWatch Connect software allows you to upload your sport information online to GoLifeRun
  • Records sport information such as time, distance, track and heart rate, providing speed and pace to the runners
  • You can customize and set you laps with Auto Laps system depending on your pace
  • Virtual trainer can be set where you can ensure that the pace is in the setting target to reach the target of a long distance running
  • With Automatic BackLlight on feature
  • Adopts standard ANT+ transport protocol, so it supports ANT+ protocol heart rate monitor to monitor your heart rate precisely, making you control the strength of your exercise
  •  GoLife arranges the complicated activity data to an understandable display and table to help you review and analyze every activity


  • Slightly heavier and denser compared to other Sports watches in the market (like the TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch with Heart Rate Monitor)
  • Operating can be a bit tricky but the instructions provided are clear and concise

This fitness gadget is within the average price range. A favorite feature is that is has an Auto-Pause. Say for example when you run, you may usually encounter a Red light, and you need to stop. The GoWatch 770 will stop recording when you stop, and after you start running again, it will start recording again. This feature makes you record your activities more precisely compared to other multi-sports watches.



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