Sony NWZ W274S 8 GB Digital Media MP3 Player Review

For those who want to keep listening to their favorite music even when swimming, one can do so really nicely and easily with the waterproof Sony Walkman W274S. This Walkman is built with superior technology being compact and lightweight which allows you to be bring your music everywhere you go, even when in wet and sweaty conditions. With Sony NWZ W274S 8 GB Digital Media MP3 Player, leaving your music behind is never an option. Its technologically advanced swimming earbuds are engineered to sustain water resistance so you can continue to enjoy your music while swimming. Know more about this device through this Sony NWZ W274S 8 GB Digital Media MP3 Player Review.

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This walkman is best to use during your workout, also for your running and swimming. It’s conveniently wire-free, and it’s a single-piece music player that you can put on with absolute freedom.

What are the best features of this MP3 Player?

The Sony NWZ W274S 8 GB Digital Media MP3 Player weighs around 29 grams. Being very lightweight as it is, it makes it very suitable for sports enthusiasts as well as those who have an active lifestyle. Whether you are out on the gym, enjoying a nice swim or playing outdoors, it allows you to do whatever without the distraction thanks to its wire-free and hands-free design. Not only that, you are also guaranteed of great sound quality with its exlusive Sony Clear Audio Technologies like Clear Stereo and Clear Bass which produce deeper, richer audio output.

The impressive waterproof design (IPX8 standards, submersible up to 2 meters) of this MP3 device keeps moisture out at the same time as listening to its lifelike sound with deep bass. A fully charge battery can last for up to 8 hours. You can also have it powered up on a 3-minute quick charge that will last for up to 60 minutes of play back. Transferring of your audio files is also very easy through a drag and drop ease with iTunes for Mac or Windows. It’s indeed very easy to use and convenient.


  • Lightweight and with a snug fitting and a modern and stylish design (also available in 3 colors)
  • One-piece device – wire-free and hands-free
  • ZAPPIN search feature, allowing you to easily navigate through your playlist (plays back main melodies)
  • Integrated 13.5 mm EX headphone drivers deliver great sound quality with deep bass
  • Easy to create a playlist (drag and drop)
  • Shuffle mode allows you to mix up songs in the playlist
  • Automatic Volume Limiter System
  • Simple music search with the multi-function playback buttons
  • 8 hours battery life for full charge and 60 minutes play back for a 3-minute quick charge
  • Waterproof (IPX8 standards, submersible up to 2 meters)
  • Multi-format playback also lets you play MP3, WMA, AAC or L-PCM music files
  • Comes in different earbud sizes as well as for swimming earbuds (S/M/L/LL)


  • Audio output slightly changes when using the swimming earbuds and sometimes the sound also becomes muffled when swimming (make sure to use the right size of the earbuds  – the one that fits tightly with no gap left between the ears and the headphones)
  • Be careful not to use it on salt water as this may corrode the device



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PlayStation 4 – Launch Edition Review

After a long wait, the Sony Play Station 4 has launched. Like many others, the excitement was on top of the roof and the PS4 was indeed one of the things that are on top of the list that kids and gamers would want to have for Christmas. Far more than the excitement for getting a great gaming experience, gamers  anticipate for a multi-talented and fast game console. Let’s find out through this PlayStation 4 – Launch Edition Review if indeed it has lived up to high expectations.

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The official release date for the PlayStation 4 last November 15, 2013 has unveiled  Sony’s impressively successful brave attempt at a gaming focused console. Aside from its sleek and sexy design and being small (just over 2 inches tall, 12 inches deep and 10 inches wide), there are a lot more things that will impress you – like the X86 processor, enhanced PC-style GPU, and the 8GB of GDDR5 unified high-speed memory that makes the PS4 needless to say, more powerful than the Xbox One, despite having a smaller size.

What makes the PS4 a great choice?

Sony has indeed kept its promise of a gamer focused and developer inspired PS4. This gaming system gives the best games and unforgettable gaming experiences possible on the platform. With its awesome features, game developers will undoubtedly unlock their creativity and push further on the boundaries of play through a system that is specifically engineered to cater their needs. The PS system is comes to grip with a powerful custom chip that has eight x86-64 cores and a state of the art 1.84 TFLOPS graphics processor with 8 GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 unified system memory, making game creation much easier and increasing the richness of content achievable on the platform. Hence, you get new games with exceedingly impressive graphics and deeply immersive experiences.

The DUALSHOCK wireless controller is also very impressive and is as great as what most people have said. It has kepts its familiar controls while putting new ways to interact with games and gamers. Enhanced dual analog sticks and trigger buttons gave an even better sense of control, and at the same time the capacitive touch gives way to endless potential for new gameplay possibilities. This controller is comfortable and precise and you can plug any normal set of headphones into it without needing the TV speakers while playing. To add to that, wide options for headphones, keyboards, tablets, and vita connections are indeed remarkable.


  • Much lighter and smaller than the PS3 (even with the slim version)
  • Two different processors makes you able to play and download at the same time
  • Has the ability to control the system from your phone
  • Has exceedingly faster RAM
  • Graphical User Interface is very user friendly
  • Speed of the system is amazing and very fast in multi-tasking
  • The games are in Blu-Ray format (an obvious advantage compared to the Xbox One)
  • Game runs on 60 frames per second (whew!)
  • All of your games show up on the menu even if you don’t have a disc in the console (although you have to have the disc in the console when you want to play it)
  • Wireless controllers are beyond amazing (great feel in hands and won’t get you tired holding on it for hours)
  • Ability to stream games from the PS4 to the PS Vita wireless
  • Sloped back hides the cables well (gives the tidy look)
  • Ability to charge the controller via the included micro USB cable while connected to the PS4 in standby mode (saves money in buying a separate charger for the controller)


  • No MP3 and no audio CD support (though Sony has promised to fix this)
  • You might experience a few glitches in the software, but this is actually pretty normal for launching and first few months
  • You can only use an HDMI (no RCA cables anymore)
  • Noticeable noise when starting a game on a disc but noise disappears after a while

This baby is indeed worth your hard earned money. It’s a fast, powerful console with an awesome controller and a friendly user interface — and though for now there are some identified bugs and odds, the only real problem is actually the fact that there’s not a single game that will make anyone leap off their couch to buy a console. Well, the PS4 is a great choice indeed.



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