Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker Review

The Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker would be an interesting fitness gadget for Samsung aficionados as this device is the company’s first attempt in jumping into the bandwagon of wearable activity monitors like that from Nike and FitBit. It may sound like a match made in heaven as users get to have a mash up of a fitness band and a smartwatch on a single product, but does it meet the needs of its users? The mixture is indeed impressive and not only that it looks strikingly pretty with its swipe and touch curved display, and impressively being the first on a wearable. Know more about this fitness device through this Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker Review.

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This device is made to be worn not only while you’re working out, but for also for any condition you’re in. Its curved display is unique and contours comfortably to your wrist, with bright and vivid, well readable display while interchangeable bands allows you to choose form multiple color options.

What are the best features of this fitness tracker?

If there is one thing that the Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker stands out, it has to be its design. Its sleek, slightly curved, 1.8-inch Super AMOLED rectangular screen is big enough to read, without feeling bulky and looks incredibly sexy too. The user interface can be interchanged from landscape to portrait depending on your preference for an easier view and its adjustable strap lets you snugly fit the device on your wrist.  The Gear Fit has an IP67 certification so it’s dust-proof and water-resistant (but not intended for swimming), and weighs around 27 grams, so you’ll hardly notice it on your wrist.

For sports enthusiasts, or even for those who simply want to keep track of their active lifestyle, this device might not be a good choice. It has features for both a fitness band and a smartwatch but the reliability for the data it gives as well as the software to use for the data is not quite hitting the board. The heart rate monitor as well as the calorie count is at times unreliable (failing) and inaccurate.  And to aggravate this, some data are not sent to any of the apps that are used to communicate with the device. Take note, it takes 3-4 Samsung apps to talk to the device which is really too much of a good thing specially when the apps does not do basic things like communicate biographic information between the device and your account. Clearly, Samsung needs a lot more work on this device.


  • Stylish and elegant design, lightweight yet has a sturdy built and wearable 24/7
  • Vivid colorful display resolution
  • Functions and features: Pedometer; Exercise monitor; Sleep monitor; Heart Rate; Notifications from phone (calls and texts); Media Controller; Timer; Stopwatch; Find My Device
  • Sensors: HR Sensor; Accelerometer; Gyro Sensor
  • Includes smartwatch features where you can view emails, texts and alerts
  • 1.84-inch Super AMOLED display makes it easy to read the device even with sunlight
  • Mobile S Health Partner integrated into the device tracks your steps and also you can set a personal best with real-time coaching
  • Calendar notifications from your phone can be snoozed and dismissed from this device


  • The Gear Fit does not have a GPS inside of it and is totally dependent on the phone for this so if  there is no phone, the Gear Fit will not be able to start the activity (like cycling/running)
  • For monitoring your exercise/sleep, you would have to actually to turn on the specific function on the unit in order to track them (the same for the pedometer, you have to turn it on to track steps and likewise turn it off to stop it – so in case if you forget to turn it on or off, your stats are no longer accurate)
  • Battery life lasts only for 3 days (up to 5 days for less active users)
  • Be sure to check device compatibility before deciding to buy this fitness tracker

If you are someone who gives precedence to the looks of the device as more important than it’s functions then this device will totally wow you. Without question, it really is very pretty to wear and matches with anything. However, for those who are looking forward for a better functionality as an activity monitor, there are other choices in the market out there from other brands like the FitBit, Garmin, Polar or Nike that will favorably serve your purpose.



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Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Review

A fitness watch that will be perfect for committed exercisers, the Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor will be the perfect choice for an ideal training companion, which is a training device that is super easy to setup and use. This fitness watch has inbuilt training programs that are carefully tailored to to fit your individual stats; age, weight, fitness level. It even performs a test to determine your fitness. Know more about this device through this Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Review.

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As mentioned earlier, this watch will be best for those who are serious about their workouts as it functions more than just a a simple heart-rate monitor. It has the capability to build a specified training program for you based on your personal objectives and also changes and sets new weekly training goals which transforms your fitness goals into a training routine, keep track of your progress and give you the enthusiasm to stay on track.

What are the best features of this heart rate monitor?

The Star Training Program included in the Polar FT60 provides the ability to select your goals and have the monitor make a suitable workout routine for you. You can either improve fitness, boost your performance or lose weight. And with the collected stats based on your profile including age, weight and etc., this monitor creates weekly plans with training time as well as calorie targets.It can save weekly progress of up to 100 files which you can upload to your PC or even better, you can manage it on

While you are on your training you can view up to 8 different displays. This monitor has large numbers which makes it easy to quickly view the data you need. The different views on the Polar FT60 are heart rate, calories or time in zone, time of day, Week target which will be displayed if training program is active, Weekly target for each zone and the actual training time. In addition to this, the Zone lock can also be seen on the display if it has been activated. If you have an additional foot pod or GPS sensor, the speed and distance are also activated.


  • Compatibility with optional speed/distance sensors and downloads to free online training diary
  • Great coaching program
  • Offers hands-free operation
  • Sexy unisex design with silicone wrist band that wipes clean
  • Great to start with and achieve goals with unique Smart Coaching features such as Fitness Test
  • Displays calories, fat burn percentage, stores 100 training files and has backlight
  • Includes comfortable fabric transmitter strap and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk
  • Syncronizes with most gym equipments
  • Has guides to help you train at the right intensity
  • Dual time zone feature
  • Has a low battery indicator
  • Easy to replace batteries (user can do it)
  • Water resistant to up to 30m


  •  No interval timer or stopwatch function
  • Data uplink will cost extra dollars

A good reason to choose Polar for your fitness monitor is its better accuracy of their calorie counting algorithms. The units allows the user to enter more personal data than other brands available in the market, hence they are theoretically able to get that higher rate of accuracy.



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