PAPAGO GoSafe 115: A small yet reliable safety gadget on the road

PAPAGO! has always been exceptional in the creation of their dashcams. They have quite the distinctive style in their devices and at the same time, it is also loaded with safety features and impressive functionality. The PAPAGO GoSafe 330 and PAPAGO GoSafe 115 for example, are just few of their products that will simply astonish you with the latest technology packed into its lightweight and modernized design. Features of PAPAGO GoSafe 330 includes a light reminder, motion detection, a driver fatigue alarm, and stop and go. In cases of any impact, the G-Sensor will automatically back up that important file. It continuously loops over old footage and spontaneously records while plugged into the car lighter outlet. This device is also able to switch with either 720p or 1080p HD resolution at 30 frames per second at 142 Degree angle footage where you can create images through snapshots and video at varying resolutions.

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Another impressive device from PAPAGO! is the PAPAGO GoSafe 115 – a small yet reliable safety gadget on the road. And with the company’s continuing popularity in the US Market goes this official Press Release of this interesting little gizmo. Here is the full article by Rachel Quaill, Marketing Representative for PAPAGO! Inc.:

Papago GoSafe115Introducing the PAPAGO! GoSafe 115. Do not let the size of this dashcam fool you. Packed with many of the same features that higher end models support, the GoSafe 115 comes loaded with an advanced driver safety system. If you are in the market for a reliable dashcam that is small and compact then the GoSafe 115 is the perfect buy.

PAPAGO! is known for its’ multiple features that they manage to pack-in to such small devices such as dashcams and the GoSafe 115 did not get overlooked. Its’ electric blue and black body attractively houses features like: Stop and Go; Light Reminder; G-Sensor (backs-up footage when it feels an impact); Driver Fatigue Alarm; and Motion Detection. The Motion Detection feature works when you hardwire the device to your car’s battery or with a car that continually runs power to their 12V car plug when the car is turned off and not in motion.

Not only does the GoSafe 115 promote safer driving habits while on the road it also records at a 126° angle using an Ambarella chip that provides HD video footage that is crisp and clear day or night. Just like most dashcams these days you can use it to record traffic disasters, proof in insurance claims, or for recording your adventures while traveling.

If you are looking for the perfect dashcam that will cover all your basic needs than the GoSafe 115 is worth looking into. PAPAGO! is determined to cover a wide range of consumer needs and with a price set at $89.99 the GoSafe 115 is affordable for any type of budget.

Other available dashcams with PAPAGO:

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PAPAGO GS110-US GoSafe 110 HD 720P Dashcam 2-Inch LCD (Black)

PAPAGO P1 Pro Dashcam Review

Upon its entry to the US market last year (2013), PAPAGO! has made quite a head-turn especially with their pioneered dashcam products like the PAPAGO P1 Pro Dashcam, which is a product that will not fail to be your witness on those unforeseen occurrences on the road. This car dashcam has a 130-degree wide viewing angle and most impressively records in Full HD. Although this device is not the latest amongst its products (P3, P2Pro are the latest models), its features has gained its merit and popularity in Russia, China, Singapore, and Japan. Know more about this device through this PAPAGO P1 Pro Dashcam Review.

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Thanks to its Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) function and 3.5 mega pixels CMOS sensor, this dashcam records a better quality video even in situations where there is poor lighting. It offers many safe driving alerts as well as temperature protection. It also has an HDMI output for an easy HDTV playback.

What are the best features of this In-car Dashcam?

The PAPAGO P1 Pro Dashcam has the dimensions of 3.75″ x 2.50″ x 2.40″ and it weighs around 0.25 lbs. It has a glossy white finish and a 2.4” LCD panel with 320×240 pixels resolution display. The best part that makes this device ahead of the other dashcams in the market are its safety features. These safety features are the Stop and Go Alert that tells you to go when the front vehicle has moved, a light reminder that will tell you to turn on the headlights when driving in the dark, and lastly a driver fatigue alert at which a timer can be set to remind the driver to rest after a specified hours of driving. All these three features can only be found in PAPAGO! driving recorder series products.

The recording features of the P1 Pro will make you like this dashcam even more. Aside from its auto-recording feature that allows non-stop loop recording upon turning the device on, there is also a G-sensor that instinctively backs up the video to prevent overwriting on the files in situations where there are unexpected force to the driving recorder. The temperature sensor also makes sure that the device is protected for high and low changes of the temperature in the environment.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 2.4″ LCD display for viewing from driver’s side
  • Uses Aptina 3.5 Mege-Pixel Image Sensor for clearer images
  • 130 Degree Wide Viewing Angle field of view
  • Records Full HD 1080P high resolution video 30 in frames per second
  • Diagonal WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology creates clear and balanced videos
  • Snapshot Feature can take still photos
  • HDMI output is available for HDTV playback
  • Can be mounted in the car’s windshield or dashboard
  • Loop recording allows old file to be replaced automatically with new files
  • Car safety features: Stop and Go, Driver Fatigue Alarm, Lighting Reminder
  • Protects the device on low and high temperatures
  • Can extend external storage to a 32GB SD Card HC


  • No GPS capability (but this feature is available in Papago! P2 Pro Dashcam)
  • Does not have the best resolution on its LCD display but nonetheless give out quality HD videos on playback.



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PAPAGO P1PRO-USP1 Pro Full HD 1080P Wide Viewing Angle DashcamVideo Camera with 2.4-Inch LCD (Snow)

Find the Best Dashcam in PAPAGO P2PRO-USP2 Pro Full HD 1080P

The Papago! P2  DVR is a Taiwanese brand dash cam with an astonishingly impressive picture quality on daytime and even on night time, thanks to its high quality lenses. This camera is indeed gaining a well deserved popularity in the dashcam market.  It uses the Ambarella A2S70 processor where you can record an HD video at 1920 x 1080p resolution at 30fps. The view from the 2.4″ LCD screen is large enough to catch important details and considerably a large dash cam that measures 82 x 77 x 104 in millimeters.

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The P2 Pro will not only heighten your driving experience but more importantly it also minds your safety on the road. This model is packed with a trusted GPS that provides an accurate digital mapping system once the footage is opened with the GoLife software that can be found on their website. Be mindful though that this GPS does not navigate your driving. Other features are the G-sensor capability, lane departure warning system (LDWS), front collision warning system (FCWS), speed camera warning, along with the stop and go feature that will ensure a safe driving experience. PAPAGO P2PRO-USP2 has a wide dynamic range (WDR) that delivers crystal clear images in low-light conditions which would definitely safeguard yourself against any insurance fraud cases or possible accidents. Know more about how interesting this device is and why it is necessary to have this device on your car for your safety with the company’s official Press Release article:

Dashcam?! It Would Never Happen to Me!

Seemingly endless parades of dashcam footage are posted all over the Internet. Places like Russia and China are rampant with hordes of horrifying, hilarious and mystifying videos portraying once in a lifetime events all captured on these tiny devices that are placed on the windshield or dashboard of vehicles.  People are into it. There are sites devoted to showing the latest and greatest capture of dashcam video.  There are sites created that spend hours of work and fluxes of posts that dissect and embellish each particle and article of every dashcam ever created. They are out there and people are actively posting regularly. So why hasn’t the US shown a greater presence in the dashcam culture as of yet?

Russian Meteor

Places like Russia and China are notorious for the reckless drivers, corrupt policing, and crazy antics on the road.  I guess, in America people are certain that they are better drivers, much more responsible and quite frankly we are invincible on the road.  When you look at the statistics, which are quite rampant all over the Internet, you will see that the United States does in fact have less tragic vehicle accidents per capita then Russia, but what we do not realize is that the numbers are still staggering with more than 32,000 deaths per year.  American drivers are definitely playing a huge role in “bad driving” and reckless behavior on the road but are not as widely strewn across YouTube for the world to see because of the simple fact that they are not recording it!

 Car DashCam

True, American drivers may not regularly experience the unfortunate event w here someone throws themselves in front of their car to collect insurance money or getting falsely accused by a police officer and/or extorting bribes like the widespread accounts of this in Russia.  According to Dash Cam Talk, “…since most people have insurance and police are relatively honest in the US, they may not believe there is a need.  While in countries like Russia, many people don’t have insurance and police are more corrupt.  It has become a necessity there.”  Another fact is that in Russia the policies are quite different.

Pedestrian Throwing Themselves at a Car

Pedestrian Throwing Themselves at a Car

The possibility of insurance fraud does exist in America; in fact, it is costing drivers upwards of 5 billion dollars in higher premiums because of it.  What about when the police refuse to get involved in a non-injury accident and the battle turns into a “he said, she said”? Just think how important that short video clip would be to any driver in the case of someone trying to fabricate an accident or wrongly blaming the other driver so he or she can collect the insurance or cash on demand.  The attitude that, “it would never happen to me,” will not hold validity when unforeseen circumstances take over.  Of course this may not be enough of an incentive for most drivers on the road to get a dashcam, not until something like this does actually happen to them!

Car Accidents

So why not take advantage of the dashcam and the safety features it has to offer?  The PAPAGO! brand definitely has the market cornered on safety features at the moment.  The belief that these high-tech devices can promote safe driving will only be evident if people actually use them.  We cannot gather data on something that does not exist.  The higher end model of the PAPAGO! brand has a lane departure warning system (LDWS), front collision warning system (FCWS), Stop and Go, which tells the driver with a beep to “Go” once the car in front of them has proceeded to drive after being stopped for more than 10 seconds, light reminder warning,  speed camera detection, and driver fatigue alarm that you set when taking a long drive.  The idea that drivers everywhere will begin to follow the speed limit, stop running red lights, and pay attention to the road is ideally what the dashcam revolution hopes to achieve.

Speed Camera Warning-Papago P2 Pro

Speed Camera Warning-Papago P2 Pro

The most noteworthy thing we can say about dashcams is that they do provide footage of once in a lifetime events. Meteorites in Russia, bullying police officers, yes even in the US (, and even good deeds (, plus the horrific, funny, and wild events that happen without any notice.  With the voluminous accounts you find on the Internet of these outrageous events it is no surprise that Americans’ interest in dashcams has risen significantly in the past few years. Although the laws to date on dashcams in America are relatively vague, with the rise in popularity of these devices, lawmakers will soon need to adjust and create laws that will cover any and all circumstances. Thanks to our friends at Dash Cam Talk we were referred to examine the Google Trends listing on dashcam’s.

Interest Over Time

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Region Interest

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Another key niche market that should explore the benefits of dashcams is truck drivers and fleet managers.  For an individual or manager of trucks that are always on the road, the security that a dashcam can provide in a variety of situations is worth the small investment.  There are truck-driving forums devoted to discussing the perils and harrowing experiences they live through as part of their profession (  Discussion threads often cover the advantage that dashcams give to the driver when they are faced with life’s unexpected events.  Evidence shows that a huge majority of truck drivers would like to have a dashcam facing outwards on their dash to capture other drivers’ antics on the road and protect them from insurance fraud.  Fleet managers could take advantage of this as well by being able to monitor the drivers route and driving habits as well as to protect their drivers against other dishonest individuals on the road.

Truck Driver Getting Cut Off

Truck Driver Getting Cut Off

Many articles written on dashcams keep stating that Americans are running late to the game. We have the technology available to us and we are just now getting to know how the dashcam’s functions and building a list of reasons why everyone could benefit from owning one.  With the huge strides in research and design dashcam companies, with PAPAGO! Inc. being one of the big players, will give to consumers the access to a variety of dashcams that appeal to their particular lifestyle.  Purchasing a quality made dashcam is available to the masses in North America and people everywhere should do their research and find the right dashcam for them.

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PAPAGO GoWatch 770 Multi-Sport GPS Watch Review

PAPAGO! Inc. is a company that was established in Taipei, Taiwan around 2001 where they pioneered in manufacturing car dashcams in the market. The company is devoted in providing drivers a comfortable and safe travel when driving on the road. Having such promise and tenure in the market, the PAPAGO! GoWatch 770 Multi-Sport GPS Watch is indeed product to look forward to. Know more about this fitness device through this PAPAGO GoWatch 770 Multi-Sport GPS Watch Review.

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Having an active and healthy lifestyle with our friends is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy body. Here is where this GPS sports watch comes really helpful as it gives full information about your running data which can be shared on social networks as well and have it compared friends who share the same passion.

What are the best features of this  Multi-Sport GPS Watch?

The design of PAPAGO! GoWatch 770 Multi-Sport GPS Watch is very modish which is suitable and great for both sports and casual wears. This sports watch uses a Mitsubishi special panel surface hardness of up to 6H, making it more scratch resistant. The accuracy of its GPS is highly commendable as it has worked consistently, even when you are in the forest where some GPS systems have difficulty. Its large display is beneficial because it makes it very easy to look on the screen at anytime in order to monitor your pace. The screen is large enough to read it but not too large as to be uncomfortable for distance running.

This device is waterproof and meets the IPX6/IPX7 waterproof standard. With such standard, it supports you to keep going with your training enthusiasm regardless of any weather condition. The battery is also powerful and long-lasting. Charging time goes approximately around 2.5 Hrs. If the the GPS is turned on, the battery can last for up to 12 hours and if on standby, can last for up to 20 days.


  • Modish and stylish design that can be worn daily (even at work)
  • Durable material used
  • Water resistant of up to 165 feet/50 meters (IPX6/IPX7 Standard)
  • Scratch resistant
  • GoWatch Connect software allows you to upload your sport information online to GoLifeRun
  • Records sport information such as time, distance, track and heart rate, providing speed and pace to the runners
  • You can customize and set you laps with Auto Laps system depending on your pace
  • Virtual trainer can be set where you can ensure that the pace is in the setting target to reach the target of a long distance running
  • With Automatic BackLlight on feature
  • Adopts standard ANT+ transport protocol, so it supports ANT+ protocol heart rate monitor to monitor your heart rate precisely, making you control the strength of your exercise
  •  GoLife arranges the complicated activity data to an understandable display and table to help you review and analyze every activity


  • Slightly heavier and denser compared to other Sports watches in the market (like the TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch with Heart Rate Monitor)
  • Operating can be a bit tricky but the instructions provided are clear and concise

This fitness gadget is within the average price range. A favorite feature is that is has an Auto-Pause. Say for example when you run, you may usually encounter a Red light, and you need to stop. The GoWatch 770 will stop recording when you stop, and after you start running again, it will start recording again. This feature makes you record your activities more precisely compared to other multi-sports watches.



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PAPAGO! GoWatch 770 Multi-Sport GPS Watch (Yellow)