Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm Review

Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm ReviewThe way we start our morning is actually a major influence for the rest of the day. A good read to know more about this is through Wake up Productive – a book that tells more about how to start a good morning and how it affects productivity. And as we speak of a good way to wake up, a good tool for this is the Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm. This device serves 4 purposes. With that reason alone, it is already quite a big help on the budget. With the help of this Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm Review, find out more about the pros and cons of buying this device and how it can help it making that deady morning routine a little more easier.

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The Beurer WL 90 is the excellent must have for those who find it a big challenge to wake up  in the morning. It features a sunrise stimulating LED light. What does this feature actually do? Read more.

What are the best features of he Beurer Wake Up Light Alarm (Beurer WL90)?

The natural response of the body is to wake up well when there is light outside.  But then, this does not happen all the time, especially when it is winter time or even in cloudy or darks months. As mentioned earlier, this device features a LED light that stimulates or immitates sunrise as well as sunset. As the light gradually brightens, it then naturally allows the body to gradually wake up. On another part, during the sunset mode, the gradual dimming of the light also stimulates a relaxing mode to naturally tell the body to  chill out and get ready for bed time.

Now let’s talk about Beurer WL90‘s other features which makes it an all around morning routine device. First off, is its alarm function. After the simulated sunrise, the user can set an alarm tone with ten wake up melodies to choose from or a favorite radio station. It can save up to 3 alarms. Of course as with other alarm clocks it has a snooze function. An activated snooze function enables the alarm to sound again based on the user-set snooze duration.

The best feature from this device though is its bluetooth capability. This features allows the device to also be a music station for a great playback of the user’s music of choice. In addition to that, the Beurer WL90 is easily managed using its app.  Mood light adjustments and choosing colors (over  colors to choose from) makes this device a fun little play toy not just for adults but also for youngsters.


  • Versatile, has 4 functions in 1 device
  • Phone App connects seamlessly and trouble free
  • Simulated sunrise with adjustable light intensity
  • Sunset function – Light dims gradually to simulate sunset
  • Wake up with radio, alarm tone or a choice of 10 wake up melodies
  • Optional mood light with 10 possible color settings
  • Stream music from your device to the built in speakers via Bluetooth
  • Time and date shown on display
  • Bluetooth compatible loudspeaker
  • Activation of sunset function
  • Choice of 10 preset mood light settings
  • Direct choice of mood light color
  • Alarm can be switched on/off for each day
  • Adjustment of alarm settings


  • This device needs the app (user must have a smartphone) inorder to maximize its features
  • The material is plastic but I guess this is also for the purpose of creating somewhat a  scattered or translucent effect on the LED light and does not make the light too sharp and too much on the eyes when waking up


Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm Review  Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm Review

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