Epson 5030UB 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector Review

If you would want to bring that spectacular movie theater experience at home you should hear about the astounding new Epson 5030UB 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector. Having this projector would probably be a dream come true for movie fanatics and video game enthusiasts as you experience amazingly cinematic 2D and 3D adventures in Full HD 1080 performance. Read more from this Epson 5030UB 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector Review to know more.

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Hanging out at home would be much more fun when movies, video games and sporting events virtually seem to come alive and jump off the screen – thanks to its 2400 lumens of color brightness and 2400 lumens of white brightness. Upon purchase of this projector, you will get 2 pairs of RF glasses too for free, so you’ll always be ready for your 3D adventures!

What are the features of this projector?

An important thing to consider in choosing this projector is its THX display cerification. This was surely not an easy task for Epson as the Home Cinema 5030UB was put over 400 laboratory testing to make sure high quality 2D and 3D performance. This ensures that there is accurate picture quality that adheres to performance standards, black levels, resolution, contrast, signal processing and color gamut. This certification is recognized by most consumers and professionals and it ensures that the texture is natural and the viewers get film-like movie experience.

Mixed color separation techniques and imaging stimulation is brought about by its Super Resolution Technology which makes HD content come alive and delivers crisp and clear images. This technology also sharpens blurry images that have been enlarged due to up scaling.

Another impressive feature of the Home Cinema 5030UB is the Auto Iris Technology (for 2D and 3D viewing) that adjusts the small narrow opening in order to provide the optimum contrast and brightness of every scene.


  • Use the Split Screen mode to display content from two inputs simultaneously, side by side, on a single screen & Lens Shift
  • Lamp Life is up to 5000 Hours in ECO Mode
  • THX Certification & HDMI Connectivity
  • Equipped with horizontal and vertical lens shift, to help configure projector setup
  • Classic Black-and-White Cinema Mode
  • Epson 3LCD, 3-Chip Optical Engine
  • The projector’s state-of-the-art Fujinon lens and built-in cinema filter provide exceptional picture uniformity and color


  • Supports PIP but the second screen is smaller (about 1/8 the size)

This projector is highly recommended. Aside from its very neat design, it is built with image quality and reliability. Indeed, Epson’s high-definition projectors take home theater entertainment to a whole new level, and it features color and detail that’s sure to win rave reviews from friends and family alike.



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