Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband Review

For those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and would want to have something that will track their daily activities (as well as sleep) the Fitbit Flex is a stylish rubber wristband with a concealed sensor that will perfectly do this job for you, with style. This wearable technology can track the number of daily steps you have taken, calories you have burned, and even records your sleeping patterns. This Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband Review will tell you more about this device.

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Getting healthy and fit and staying that way requires day-to-day effort. Constant motivation is necessary most of the time to help you attain your goals. The Fitbit Flex  is just one of the several things that will help you stick to your fitness activities.

What are the best features of this fitness device?

The Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband is just the right device the will give you the motivation you need to get out and be active. You can wear it everyday and make fitness a lifestyle. This sleek, slim and  stylish device tracks steps, distance, and calories burned during the day and tracks your sleep quality during the night. The lights will indicate your progress to your personal goal.

This device also comes with online tools that are free as well as a mobile app that allows you to set goals and follow your progress with helpful graphs and charts. With these tools, you can log food intake and workouts to get the a measure on your health. It feels good to know how close you are to reaching your goals. It also has badges that gives you extra motivation to reach and aim higher.


  • Fashionable and easy-to-wear, slim, comfortable wristband
  • Waterproof – you can wear even in the shower or while swimming
  • Great in monitoring your activities
  • Wakes you with a gentle, silent wake alarm (doesn’t wake anyone else)
  • You can share, interact and compete with friends with it
  • Easily and automatically syncs with select mobile devices and to your computer
  • Easy to set goals, view progress, and earn badges
  • The apps on iPhone and Android phones are free


  • Limited on the activities measured (like stair-climbing, hiking, tennis, golf, biking and other “activity” that is not walking or running)
  • Does not have GPS or a  heart rate monitor

All in all, having this device is not a bad purchase. Quite a bit pricey for a pedometer but its great with monitoring your sleep and the five days of battery life are adequate for a fitness tracker.


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