Vupoint Solutions PDS-ST470 Magic Wand IV Portable Scanner Review

For those who are looking for a quality hand held scanner, a product from VuPoint Solutions, Inc., is worth considering. This company specializes in portable imaging, printing, rechargeable power back-up electronic products. And just like most wand scanners, one of their products, the Vupoint Solutions PDS-ST470 Magic Wand IV Portable Scanner  scans without a computer and then saves the scanned image directly to a microSD or microSDHC card. Read more about this product through this Vupoint Solutions PDS-ST470 Magic Wand IV Portable Scanner Review.

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The scanner’s wand design makes it simpler and easier to use and perfect for scanning bound books and other items that can’t go through a document feeder.

What are the best features of this portable scanner?

Ultra-portable and compact, this 10.5″ x 1.1″ x 1.5″ sized hand-held scanning device weighs around 5.6 oz and can be easily carried around where ever you go with its sturdy carrying case. With the 1.5″ colored LCD screen of the Vupoint Solutions PDS-ST470 Magic Wand IV Portable Scanner, you will be able to get useful feedback from your scanned images.  This screen also displays the selected resolution, remaining battery life and memory status.

The device allows you to scan and preserve important documents, transparencies and images in digital format very easily and conveniently with simple instructions and a user-friendly interface. It has 5 easy-access buttons that allow 1-touch scanning and document saving. Thanks to its external memory support microSD/microSDHC card of up to 32GB, it scans as a standalone device (no need for a computer to read the scanned image), and just transfer your scans to your computer later through a USB cord.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Uses rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery (lasts approx. 400 scans)
  • Easy to use (Plug-and-Play ready – direct plug-in and no installation needed)
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS 10.5 and above
  • Has built-in time and date setting feature
  • Automatic white balance for a better scanning image
  • Supports microSD/microSDHC memory card up to 32GB
  • Auto-Power Off setting available to serve energy
  • Scanning Resolutions – Low: 300DPI; Medium: 600DPI; High: 1050DPI
  • Has 30-bit color for quality images but also scans in gray scale.
  • Scanning speed for high resolution (1050 DPI color) is approx. 12 seconds


  • Steady hands are needed in order to get good quality scan (unless the unit with Auto-Feed Dock is purchased)
  • High resolution scanning of 1200DPI can only be achieved with Magic Wand Scanner with Auto-Feed Dock.



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TaoTronics TT-DS004 Handheld Scanner Review

Those who have their businesses on the go (i.e. those who always go on business trips or those who would need to digitize their documents even when not at home) might really want to take hold of the TaoTronics TT-DS004 Handheld Scanner. The detachable scanner as well as the feeder can be powered directly from a plug and also works on standard AAA batteries which makes it very convenient to be brought anywhere. Read more from this TaoTronics TT-DS004 Handheld Scanner Review to know more about this scanning device.

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This scanner has a color display to show an image of the document you are scanning in order to ensure efficiency (image will is not as big but allows you to see the outlines of the scanned image). Its 1.4 inch colored Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display technology allows you to browse through the menu and settings and also let’s you check on the images you have scanned on the microSD card.

What are the best features of this handy document scanner?

The TaoTronics TT-DS004 Handheld Scanner can work both handheld as well as through a feeder. That being said, it can scan both bounded and unbounded documents. This scanner has a varying resolution of 300/600/900 DPIs depending on your choice and can be done in either JPG or PDF file format, also depends upon the option you have selected from the settings.

The included software in this scanner also comes very helpful and advantageous. The included Picture Direct scanning software allows you to directly insert the scanned the scanned picture or PDF directly to your software directly (i.e. MS office, or even MSN or Skype). It is also able to directly saved the scanned document to text format so as to edit yourself instantly.


  • Great scanning resolutions available
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software included
  • Directly inserts scanned file to opened software and converts and exports scanned files to computer for editing
  • Batteries in scanner and feeder allows portable scanning
  • Comes with 8 Gig MicroSD
  • Scanner and feeder can be plugged in using a USB cable and won’t need batteries when doing so
  • TaoTronics has excellent customer service for assistance needed on their products
  • Adjustable feeder that can feed through a business card, photo or 8.5 x 11 sized paper
  • Great scanning speeds


  • Must have steady hands to get a nice scan when using hand held scanner
  • Included software does not support Mac (it will only be to grab images but will not insert them into documents or to run OCR)
  • Does not have Auto-Document Feeder so you would have to feed one sheet at a time
  • Included software does not have photo-stitcher that can patch or weave together multiple images (for bigger image sizes)



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Xerox DocuMate 4440 Document Scanner Review

The Xerox DocuMate 4440 Scanner is a sheet-fed type of scanner with a 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF). This scanner has one-touch scanning feature from 9 preset and scan profiles that can be customized, which you can do both from your computer or the scanner directly with good speed and optical character recognition quality. To know more about this scanner, keep reading this Xerox DocuMate 4440 Document Scanner Review.

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This scanner is fast and easy to use as with other scanners in its class and allows users to greatly and effectively reduce paper chaos, storage requirements, and security risks that comes along with unorganized paperwork at home or the office. Resolution width and height is 600 dpi which is marginally better than the average for most scanners in the market.

What are the key features of this sheet-fed scanner?

The Xerox DocuMate 4440 Document Scanner has a 12×7-inch footprint, and weighs 8 pounds. Designed with a a straight-through paper path, it allow scanning of business cards as well as ID cards and other plastic cards up to 1.3 mm thick. It scans papers of up to 8.5 by 38 inches and has ultrasonic double-feed recognition sensor to make sure that misfeeds are being detected. The scanner only scans the image/document with a scanning speed of 40 pages per minute, which is 15 ppm faster than average compared to most Sheet-fed Scanners.

This scanner is astonishingly a small unit where the input and output trays sort of enclosed around its main body and as you fold them out, the scanner’s footprint nearly doubles. It can be fed to up to 50 sheets from the top tray. It feeds down through the machine and exit onto a curved tray at the bottom. In the process, each page is scanned on both sides and two page images are produced from every double-sided page. Conveniently, its Visioneer OneTouch feature takes charge of your document and scans it with the ideal settings for resolution, color, duplex, auto-crop, auto-straighten, file format and then delivers it to virtually any application, folder or device at the touch of a button.


  • Fast multi-page scanning
  • Scans documents at 40 ppm simplex and 80 ipm duplex (200 dpi B&W)
  • Visioneer OneTouch scanning to multiple applications
  • Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection
  • Create searchable PDF files
  • Great OCR performance
  • Has 9 programmable one-touch scan profiles
  • Duplex, single-pass scans feature
  • Direct scan to Word and searchable PDF
  • Superior image quality achieved with Kofax VRS


  • Learning the included software can be a challenge and time-consuming for those who are not computer savvy
  • Does not have business card software
  • It can only scan unbound documents

This scanner is recommended for home office or office scanning needs that require high OCR performance. It also has great scanning speed that makes office work more fast and efficient. Other options for a fast speed  scanner is the Kodak i2400 as well as Canon DR-C125 that are both great scanners used in businesses.



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Brother ADS1500W Compact Color Desktop Scanner Review

Last October of this year, Brother International Company had announced their release of their  flagship model for their new series of scanners for home offices or small offices. With the Brother ADS1500W Compact Color Desktop Scanner, home and office users alike will be able to increase their productivity with 20-page Auto Document Feeder (ADF), wireless and web connectivity, intuitive and comprehensive software suite, and a maximum scan speed of 18ppm. Know more about this scanner through this Brother ADS1500W Compact Color Desktop Scanner Review.

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This scanner is perfect for those who do not have a large office space and wants to bring their scanner from one place to another. It will of of great value for business consumers with is impressively affordable price price and size of mobile scanners yet with lots of advanced features that can be found on costly desktop work-group scanners.

What are the key features of this scanner?

Starting with the design, the ADS-1500W small and slim and as mentioned before, it is best for those who have a limited desk space. This scanner has a compact footprint of only 11.2″ wide and 4.1″ deep. But do not be misled of its size as this device is packed with advanced scanning features. It supplements the growing needs of businesses in digitizing documents and sharing it via cloud technology.

This scanner comes with a complete suite of scanning software including PDF conversion software, a manager for desktop documents and business card management programs. It has a BR-Receipts software by which you can scan receipts and then send your receipt data to Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks software or Quicken software. Operating the scanner is easy as well with its 2.7″ Color TouchScreen Display which has 12 programmable shortcuts for one-touch scanning to common destinations.


  • Easy to arrange scanned immages with deskew support, blank page removal, auto image rotation, and background removal
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Good build quality, and compact desktop footprint.
  • Wireless network connectivity or USB interface can be used for local connections
  • Will scan different types of media (photos, business cards, other documents up to 34″ long or even embossed plastic cards through the rear card slot)
  • Impressive high-precision scanning (maximum of 600 dpi for optical resolution; up to 1200 dpi interpolated resolution)
  • Easy setup to scan documents with TWAIN, WIA, ICA, ISIS and SANE8 drivers
  • Able to scan single- and double-sided documents in a single pass, in both color and black/white, at up to 18 ppm


  • Connection to cloud services is through  Brother’s Web Connect service (may not be safe for your cloud documents as they can view and manage your spreadsheets, documents and files in Google Drive)
  • Turning off the unit by pressing the power button erases the network settings

In general, this scanner can be a reasonable purchase with decent features such as wireless scanning functionality and lots of added software for use. If the limitations are things that you can live with then this can be a good choice considering its acceptable price tag in the market.



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Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Contactless Document Scanner Review

There is no better day in the office than having things done fast and effecient – which is why office equipments such as the Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Contactless Document Scanner is something that would always save the day. Find out more about this scanner and continue reading this Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Contactless Document Scanner Review.

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Fujitsu’s ScanSnap SV600 is the first of it’s kind that is able to do contact-less scanning by simply placing them on a desk to capture them. So amazing, it can digitize a huge variation of objects, even those with curved pictures giving you high quality images. The ScanSnap SV600 is totally delivering a new perspective on scanning as it bring a unique way of capturing the images, making the process of scanning fast, simple and intuitive.

What are the features of this scanner?

Say goodbye to having trouble in scanning bounded or stapled documents. Whether it’s a book or a magazine or even other 3D objects (as long as it is A3 size) this scanner can scan them all – notebooks, catalogues, newspapers, business cards, fragile documents or fragile original art or any object up to 3cm thick.

ScanSnap has always been very intuitive in their products. This scanner has a one-button operation, which makes it very simple  to work with. What’s even more better is that it can do continuous scanning. After it is done with one image, it goes on to scan with the next one just by flipping the page.

For an even faster pace at work, the Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Contactless Document Scanner will be able to scan multiple objects at once (with its Multi-Document Detection feature) as long as you have put all the objects on the mat. You do not even need to arrange them as the scanner will automatically straighten and also separate each item after capturing.


  • Highly intuitive scanning – uses one button and automatic scanning when page is turned.
  • Superb versatility as it scans many different types of documents (even books) and other objects.
  • Instantaneous and continuous scanning possibilities.
  • Extensive software package to aid in getting a higher quality scanned image.
  • Ultimately very fast scanning.


  • Although this scanner offers a lot of extensive software with the package, compatibility with Mac is yet to be checked. But Fujitsu has promised it to be available by October.

The ability of Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Contactless Document Scanner to handle a wide variety of originals, intuitive operation and instant scanning makes this scanner an easy choice. The price is totally worth it, plus they have a very responsive team for any trouble shooting – but it is something that is mostly not needed since setting it up is very much easy.



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