PAPAGO GH100-US GoHeart100 Ant+ Heart Rate Monitor Review

PAPAGO! GoHeart 100 is equipped with the standard ANT+ transmission protocol which allows you to link your devices that supports this protocol.  ANT+ is the wireless transmission technology that lets your monitoring devices to talk to each other. Although this protocol is primarily owned by Garmin, this technology are being used by a lot of electronics that transmit fitness-related information over the years. The GoHeart 100 pairs with a lot of devices which includes GPS watches, treadmills, mobile phones, and workout apps. Know more about this device through this PAPAGO GH100-US GoHeart100 Ant+ Heart Rate Monitor Review.

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This heart rate monitor is designed to give a snug and secure fit to a wide variation of body types. Thanks to its affable and easy-to-use, comfort-made modifiable strap the user is able to customize the GoHeart 100 according to personal preference.

What are the best features of this Heart Rate Monitor?

The ANT+ protocol has been well-established in the fitness monitoring market for quite some time now. Having said that, the PAPAGO! GH100-US GoHeart100 Ant+ Heart Rate Monitor‘s advantage is that is it ensures that in using it, the user gets the required accurate and reliable data whenever and whenever you want it. Essentially, the ANT+ technology of this device gives you the simplest, versatile and most reliable user experience possible. In addition, the band that is used in this device is very soft and flexible made from long-enduring material which allows for frequent regular washing. 

Small and compact, the GoHeart 100 will not be so hard to bring with you anywhere. It’s designed with comfort and efficiency as its precedence. This band can be easily adjusted from 66 up to 92 centimeters in order to securely fit almost any body type. Fitness enthusiasts are given the confidence of accurately tracking their beats per minute on  a wide range thanks to the device’s heart rate transmission ability. ANT+ technologies require very minimal power, so, ANT+-ready watches or transmitters are able to function on a longer time even with one tiny battery and no charging to worry about.


  • Small, compact, thin and lightweight (weighs around 1.6 oz or 45.4 g)
  • Comfortable. soft fabric, adjustable strap
  • Uses ANT+ 2.4 GHz Transmission Technology (automatically connects to ANT+ devices when paired)
  • Powered with 3.0 V CR2032 lithium button battery
  • Detects Heart Rate from 30 to 240 BPM
  • Transmission Range of up to 16.4 feet or 5 meters
  • Impressive battery life
  • User friendly and syncs easily to your devices
  • Strap is made from breathable lightweight material


  • User must make sure that the device is tightly secured and is well in contact with the skin otherwise the device will not yield accurate data. Best results for the sensor is achieved by putting it at the exact center of the chest



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Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Review

A fitness watch that will be perfect for committed exercisers, the Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor will be the perfect choice for an ideal training companion, which is a training device that is super easy to setup and use. This fitness watch has inbuilt training programs that are carefully tailored to to fit your individual stats; age, weight, fitness level. It even performs a test to determine your fitness. Know more about this device through this Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Review.

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As mentioned earlier, this watch will be best for those who are serious about their workouts as it functions more than just a a simple heart-rate monitor. It has the capability to build a specified training program for you based on your personal objectives and also changes and sets new weekly training goals which transforms your fitness goals into a training routine, keep track of your progress and give you the enthusiasm to stay on track.

What are the best features of this heart rate monitor?

The Star Training Program included in the Polar FT60 provides the ability to select your goals and have the monitor make a suitable workout routine for you. You can either improve fitness, boost your performance or lose weight. And with the collected stats based on your profile including age, weight and etc., this monitor creates weekly plans with training time as well as calorie targets.It can save weekly progress of up to 100 files which you can upload to your PC or even better, you can manage it on

While you are on your training you can view up to 8 different displays. This monitor has large numbers which makes it easy to quickly view the data you need. The different views on the Polar FT60 are heart rate, calories or time in zone, time of day, Week target which will be displayed if training program is active, Weekly target for each zone and the actual training time. In addition to this, the Zone lock can also be seen on the display if it has been activated. If you have an additional foot pod or GPS sensor, the speed and distance are also activated.


  • Compatibility with optional speed/distance sensors and downloads to free online training diary
  • Great coaching program
  • Offers hands-free operation
  • Sexy unisex design with silicone wrist band that wipes clean
  • Great to start with and achieve goals with unique Smart Coaching features such as Fitness Test
  • Displays calories, fat burn percentage, stores 100 training files and has backlight
  • Includes comfortable fabric transmitter strap and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk
  • Syncronizes with most gym equipments
  • Has guides to help you train at the right intensity
  • Dual time zone feature
  • Has a low battery indicator
  • Easy to replace batteries (user can do it)
  • Water resistant to up to 30m


  •  No interval timer or stopwatch function
  • Data uplink will cost extra dollars

A good reason to choose Polar for your fitness monitor is its better accuracy of their calorie counting algorithms. The units allows the user to enter more personal data than other brands available in the market, hence they are theoretically able to get that higher rate of accuracy.



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