PAPAGO GoLife Care Smart Fitness Band Review

PapaGo just keeps expanding their horizon as they have put a fitness tracker in their GoLife line of products. PAPAGO GoLife Care Smart Fitness Band not only personify an enduring yet appealing design, it also conveys a unique and fashionable impression that makes it well noticed amongst the lines of smart fitness bands available in the market. Like most consumers, we all want to know what value will this device bring and if it will be worth the money we spent. Well then read more from this PAPAGO GoLife Care Smart Fitness Band Review to find out.

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This smart fitness band conjoins important tasks that are mostly needed by those who have active lifestyles into one neat and solid device. As a major function, it is used as a fitness band, which basically tracks and records the user’s steps and all the moves made each day. It gives the user motivation by assigning goals on a daily basis.

What are the interesting features of this Smart Fitness Band?

PAPAGO GoLife Care Smart Fitness Band  can help the user create a healthy routine. As you start your day, CARE gently awakens you gently with an integrated soft vibrating alarm with the time you had earlier preferably set. Afterwards, during the course of the day, it keeps track of steps, the distance walked, and how many calories were burned on these activities. Just like most of the smart band devices in the market, you can also easily connect CARE with your smart phones. It proactively gives the user a heads-up on incoming calls and also messages.

When sleeping, GoLife Care Smartband also tracks the user’s sleep with which both quality and pattern of sleep will be noted. Together with the GoLife APP (both available in iOS and Android devices) these data are synchronized and then are stored for making an analysis. This then lets you be aware of the progress you are making. Having this device useful in both day and night, the company had made sure that the device itself is a dust proof, waterproof wristband and is carefully engineered to withstand everyday wear. The outer part of the device has a brushed metal face and a sleek silicone band that is assimilated with a LED screen.


  • Sleek and sexy design, small and lightweight, comfortable to wear and can be worn 24/7
  • Durable material, dust-proof and water-proof with very clear display
  • Easy to set-up and easy to navigate (one-touch navigation)
  • Gives the time, steps, distance, calories, notification of calls and messages, on advanced OLED display
  • Tracks sleep quality and pattern
  • Has Ant+ Technology which enables pairing with ANT+ heart rate monitors  like GoHeart 100 H.R.M. or other compatible devices
  • Easily manageable App (GoLife App) gives great motivation by achieving daily goal assignments
  • Accurate tracking
  • Syncs easily
  • Helpful vibrating alert


  • Not much color options
  • Not equipped with a heart-rate monitor but can only be paired with compatible devices
  • Reading the display can be hard on sunny areas

The price of this band just would suffice the features. Not only that it looks really chic when wearing it, it also is very comfortable to wear and can be trusted to withstand even when you wear it everyday.


care Papago GOLiFE CARE Smart Fit Band (Silver/White)  

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Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Review

It is essential to take our own responsibility to improve maintain our own health.  With the technology today, it is not very difficult to make our lives healthier and happier. There are fitness gadgets and equipment that makes it easy to set personal goals and monitor weight. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale for instance measures your weight, percentage of body fat and body mass index and can regularly give you a full report of your weight trends. Read further of this Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Review to know more.

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This scale can automatically connect you to your FitBit Dashboard through its WiFi connection and helps you track your weight and reach goals by letting you set a target and then follow your progress effortlessly. This system of goal setting and tracking makes you stay motivated with a comprehensive view of your health and fitness data, which also tracks your eating and exercise habits.

What are the key features of this smart scale?

Measuring your body weight is only half the story of what Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale can do. Aside from measuring it, it has the sophisticated technology of accurately assessing your weight and correlates it to your body fat percentage and body mass index. This will help you a lot in aligning to your goals. Body fat is vital to maintaining good health. The normal range for women is 14-31%  and for men is 6-24%.

The scale can recognize up to eight users. Once you step into the scale, it will then send the data to your FitBit account. You would have to first download the software and then link your scale to your wireless network in order to send the data from the scale to your computer. Fitbit also works with several popular health apps on your phone lets you export your Fitbit data their way. You can use Lost It, Tactio Health, Map My Fitness, My Fitness Pal, Endomondo or Spark People.


  • Easy to use and install
  • You can earn badges as you for additional motivation
  • Easy to read display
  • Precise and accurate measurement
  • Various fitness apps are compatible
  • Automatically and wirelessly syncs your stats to your Fitbit dashboard through your Wi-Fi network
  • Analyze your weight, body fat %, and BMI trends with easy-to-understand graphs and charts


  • Weight limit is up to 350 lbs only
  • Those with pacemakers cannot use it

Even with the high price tag, this fitness device is a great buy. It looks good and has a great design, very easy and simple to set up, backlit display makes it easy to see in the dark room, its accuracy in measuring body fat and weight is really impressive and lastly this scale becomes extremely valuable when used with your Fitbit activity tracker and software.



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