NIX 15 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame Review

Digital Picture Frames can do more than just display your favorite photographs and fondest memories. In searching for the best one to purchase out there from a pile of products on the market, you would want to get something with an LCD screen that would come in wide range of qualities which are definitely worth what you pay for. Check out with this NIX 15 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame Review on how NIX frames are great in using for motivation, providing information as well as give enjoyment to your friends and family.

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The this new product of NIX, the X15C,  is all set to play your pictures and videos right out of the box with its ‘plug and play’ design. With all the X range units from NIX, there is no stress in turning your frame on and off all the time.

What are the key features of this digital photo frame?

The NIX 15 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame has a  built-in motion sensor, that turns itself on or off depending if and when there is any movement sensed by the sensor. This particular feature can also be easily set up and the time frame can set set up as to how long will it shut off from the time no motion is detected (increments from 30 seconds to 1 hour). It will be great to parents and also grandparents who just want a digital photo frame that works with the expediency of not having to actually operate the frame.

This frame features also has a hi-res SVGA screen that has a LED back lighting which makes the screen brighter compred to other digital photo frames. It plays both videos and slide show of photos. When movement is being sensed by the fame, it automatically starts from where the photo/video left off. You can easily move photos from your computer to the frame through its portable USB thumb drive.


  • Convenient and easy to use – plug and play
  • Motion sensor (saves electricity and no need to worry in turning it off)
  • Great 15 inch Screen, 4:3 ratio (1024×768) resolution
  • Includes 4GB Thumb Portable Drive Memory plus with SD & USB ports
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Remote control included
  • Has a slot on the back to keep the remote control when not used
  • LED backlight makes the screen brighter


  • Some media files cannot be played and would need to be converted
  • No WiFi capability

The best thing about this digital frame is its simple functionality and price which is a great deal for a 15 inch sized frame with useful features and notable quality and workmanship. The design is simple yet sophisticated too, adding an elegant look in your place.



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Latest Model – NIX 15 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame with Motion Sensor & 4GB Memory – X15C

nixplay Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Review

Digital photo frames are great to display your photos without the need to print them and finding the one that will be best for you can be quite a time consuming task, especially now that there are a lot of digital photo frames in the market. Nix, a leading quality frame maker has revolutionized a one-of-a-kind frame that will totally meet your interest. Introducing, nixplay Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame, the company’s ultimate cloud photo frame. Know more about this device through this nixplay Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame Review.

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Freeing your photos stored from the cloud and have them easily managed in one place makes this device ahead from the other digital photo frames in the market. With this digital frame, you will have your own unique log in to nixplay program making your photos secured.

What are the best features of this digital photo frame?

The uniqueness of this Ultimate Cloud Frame is that you will have access to all your photos in Cloud, be it Facebook, Picasa, Instagram & Email, or any of your hardware devices, and have them effortlessly displayed on one easy to use program. Just select your photos and put them into a slideshow. With this program you can make any changes, delete, add or reorder the photos depending on how you like it to be arranged.

This frame has also a conveniently built-in Motion Sensor making it more easy to switch it on or off. The frame’s connectivity to WiFi as well as the motion sensor is very easy to set up. The device can be set to turn off with in 30 seconds to 1 hour of no movement (your choice). If and when the frame will activate through its motion sensor, it can play either your photos (via slideshow) or videos.


  • Simple yet modern design, perfect for urban styled rooms
  • Remote control for the device is included
  • Can easily arrange all photos from cloud
  • Easy set up for nixplay account
  • Motion Detector turn frame ON/OFF automatically
  • Can play both slideshows and videos
  • Can accommodate up to 5 Facebook accounts
  • Photos are secured in nixplay account (password protected)


  • Not the best screen resolution (800 x 600 pixels)
  • No Bluetooth capability for pairing with devices

This device is indeed a great buy for those who are looking for the perfect digital photo frame for their homes. Not only it is good for homes, it can also be used as a unique memory aid for the elderly as well as for commercial uses (to display information and photos in your lounge).



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nixplay Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame. All your Facebook, Instagram, Picasa and Personal Photos on one Frame