Google Wifi System Review

Google WiFi System ReviewA continuous and stable WiFi connection is necessary for those who are working constantly most especially to those who are working at home. Bloggers, online sellers and the likes for example would definitely appreciate a house with a great internet coverage. Internet connection problems in homes mostly include dead zones and buffering on specific areas. A good router and internet provider is a factor for achieving an excellent internet connection. To maximize the internet signal throughout your home, using more than one wireless access point aside from the router will be a great advantage. Google has a product that does exactly that and this Google Wifi System Review will tell you more about it.

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The Google WiFi System provides a seemingly affordable and yet reliable mesh system  around your house. It will definitely solve dead zone problems – a common problem amongst most routers. This mesh system made directly by Google has an impressively smart hardware design. It also has a notibly intelligent cloud-based brain power that can manage a strong WiFi through your home regardless of its lay-out, construction and size.

What are the the Best Features of Google WiFi System?

Quite different from the router (the OnHub) that Google released not long ago,  the Google Wifi is very much user friendly. It can be easily set up through a smart phone or a tablet. Apart from this, it can also be managed and controlled remotely – even when you are not at home. It features parental controls that is able to shut down a WiFi connection when needed be. This enables good family times, without the disturbance of Social Networking sites or Apps and online Games.

The design looks modern and chic. Each WiFi device is dense, solid and compact. A discreet looking cylinder that can be easily put on a shelf or a small table.  It does not appear to be a huge fragment of computer equipment but rather looks neat and stylish.

What is more important than the impressive design and appearance is the performance of this WiFi System. WiFi coverage and internet connection reliability of the entire mesh system surpassed absolutely high expectations. Be it with just one device or three internet connection is fast and flawless. Multiple data transfer was facilitated smoothly and notably fast. With multiple WiFi points, the internet connects from one unit to another seamlessly as it detects which WiFi point has the fastest connection and least traffic.

Interestingly, for those who have previously bought the OnHub – with an upgrade it can be used continuously as a WiFi point the same as the other units in Google WiFi System.


  • Compact, sleek and neat design
  • Easy to install (takes a few minutes)
  • Easy to manage from any of your mobile devices
  • Overall provides solid internet speed
  • Friendly to the budget as compared to other devices like Eero, Luma and Orbi
  • Covers WiFi points of up to 1,500 sq. ft (0n a single device) or a set of three covers homes up to 4,500 sq. ft.
  • Parental control is possible even if you are not connected on the Mesh System (you just have to be online and log in to your Google account
  • Network Assist technology enables you to have fast connection by always selecting the clearest channel and fastest band for your device
  • Compatible with major internet service providers


  • The device has no USB connectivity
  • It lacks a lot of customizable advanced features on its network settings
  • You have to have a Google Account and a mobile device (where you can download the app) to be able to have this system actually work. On a positive note – Google account is free (for some people this may seem to be disturbing).


Google Wifi System Review  Google Wifi System Review  Google Wifi System Review

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