Sony NWZ-WH303 MP3 Player Review

In choosing an MP3 player to buy or a Walkman, it is best to choose something that fits your own lifestyle. Something that feels fitting to your personality, yet delivers great sound quality. For a music lover, that wants to enjoy precision audio with comfortable wearable headphones, the new Sony NWZ-WH303 MP3 Player is just something that brings out your statement of style. Read more of this Sony NWZ-WH303 MP3 Player Review and find out more.

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Indeed, Sony Walkman MP3 Players are designed and focused on pure entertainment when it comes to bringing authentic and vibrantly clear sound  that would surely keep your good mood where ever you are. Nothing but transparent lifelike sound is what Sony NWZ-WH303 MP3 Player brings. A sure treat to a fun and friendly recreational experience be it if you are on the move or just sitting and relaxing at home.

What are the features of this MP3 Player?

Designed to give you a new listening experience,  Sony NWZ-WH303 MP3 Player gives you three different ways to listen to your favorite music, anytime, anywhere. First is through listening in wireless integrated MP3 Player. Second is through listening out loud with its built-in speakers by hanging the headphones around your neck. And lastly is by connecting your powerful  headphones to your smart phone (or any compatible device).

When you are travelling, this player could stay with your for as long as 20 hours as long as it is fully charged. If you still run out of batter at that much time of use, you can have it charged quickly for three minutes and you will be good to go for another hour. It is charged via USB 2.0 too, so it is pretty much convenient. If you like to go cycling around the city, you can wear this headphone around your neck and safely listen to music and while you can still listen to the background noise enjoying both the music and the ride.

Sony has never failed the expectations when it comes to the quality of the sound. With this baby, you will catch every beat of your music from your closed dynamic headphones. Featuring 1000mW input power, 107db/mW sensitivity, 30Ω impedance, and a sound range of 30-20,000Hz sensitivity. The ear pads are comfortable and collapsible too, making it a haven of comfortable and easy listening to your favorite tunes.


  • Simple to control even on the move – Changing tracks, adjusting volume, searching for music are all simply controlled with just one hand
  • Can store up to 1000 tracks  (has 4GB built in storage – approximately  3 or 4 minutes per song, using 128kbps MP3 music playback)
  • Choose the sound that suits you best – Press the sound enhancement button to boost the bass, or to deliver tight bass and clear extended mid-highs – it’s your call
  • Turn up that bass – Experience rich bass, thanks to a 30mm neodymium driver unit
  • Just fold and take with you when not in use – Swivel ear-cups let you store the Walkman 3-in-1 in a bag or backpack and save space


  • Very few color options (only black and white for 4GB and only black color for 16GB)
  • No noise-cancelling capability like their other models

This MP3 player is a great choice and great value as it has 3 functions merged into 1 – a headphone, an MP3 Player and a speaker.



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