Sony DSC-RX100M II Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera Review

Once, it was just a dream to have a compact camera that has the capacity of having wonderful image quality and sophisticated handling similar to what SLR cameras offer – but not anymore!  It’s time to experience exquisite image quality and physically existing artistic freedom in a truly compact package through Sony DSC-RX100M II Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera. This camera has included as much features in a way that has never been possible before. Be it on a large-diameter opening for beautiful out-of focused backgrounds to the advanced control ring for detailed manual adjustments, this compact camera does not settle for bargain. Read more on this Sony DSC-RX100M II Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera Review for more information on this product.

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If you are a professional photographer looking for a second camera or a photography enthusiast that seeks for a pocket-sized camera, this high-performance dense camera that can be easily taken anywhere will definitely magnify your artistic and creative horizons of your photos. With its supreme ISO sensitivity, you’ll relish splendidly detailed results with astonishingly low noise even in difficult lighting conditions.

What are the features of Sony DSC-RX100M II Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera?

Thanks to a newly developed 1.0-inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor and f/1.8 lens, this camera makes it possible to have advanced column A/D processing that diminishes noise levels resulting in great low light images with far-fetched smooth and sharp photo details. The result? Its extraordinary light sensitivity will give you breath-taking photo quality and scenic background de-focusing – none the less, a stab of inspiration to unleash more of your creative artistic nature within.

Sony’s most trustworthy BIONZ imaging processing engine makes use of a powerful system that transforms the data captured by the CMOS sensor into stunningly beautiful images with vivid accurate color, rich tonal gradations and infinitesimal noise. This technology highlights the beauty of images captured with approximately 40% improvement in low-light sensitivity, which then allows the RX100 II to focus faster in low light at high ISO settings – this is up to ISO 12800, which exceeds its predecessor, the RX100 – indeed, this camera handles the most demanding tasks with accuracy.


  • Easy wireless sharing to smartphones and tablets. No setup is required beyond downloading the free PlayMemories Mobile app to your device.
  • Expandable shooting options. A Multi Interface Shoe lets you attach wide-ranging accessories for photo and movie shooting.
  • The rear screen can be tilted up and down, that makes it more flexible to use and more at ease in bright light.
  • Expanded video capabilities (this camera can capture 1080p footage at 24 frames per second)


  • Its Near Field Communications (NFC) technology is not compatible with Apple devices and many older or less expensive Android devices but Wi-Fi pairing can be done manually.
  • Putting the price in perspective,  note of the sensor size this camera offers and what it means for the camera’s capabilities. 

And finally, in conclusion, the Sony RX100 II is quite impressive on its camera body design, a little larger yet has several important new features, has the same menu as Sony puts in its SLRs and a good selection of controls – all these having it clear that the RX100 II is still aimed at enthusiast buyers.


Sony RX100 II review -- in-hand from above Sony RX100 II -- the camera in-hand

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