Livescribe 3 Smartpen – Standard Edition Review

Livescribe made a breakthrough from last year with its creation of Sky WiFi pen that transforms your handwritten and even audio notes into digital documents. The one struggle on that pen however is that you would have to have a WiFi connecn to send and retrieve your notes, which is sometimes a little bit of a hassle. Worry no more and  say hello to Livescribe 3 Smartpen. Let us talk more about this smartpen in this Livescribe 3 Smartpen – Standard Edition Review.

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This pen is designed not only to look  like a premium ballpoint pen but also to work and write like one. The rest of the magic happens when you pair it off with your tablet or smartphone then you would find many other uses with your notes more quickly and easily.

What are the features of this pen?

Let’s start with its design. At first look the pen could hardly be noticed as a gadget as it looks more like a premium ballpoint pen. In turning it on, you do not need to hit any button but instead you only have to twist the middle ring clockwise, which in turn also reveals the nib of the ballpoint. Pairing it up with your device has also never been easy using Bluetooth and it has LED lights to show connectivity as well as battery level (lasts 14 hours in between charges). There is also a nub on top of the pen than can also be used as a stylus for your device. This nub covers the micro USB port.

As with the previous versions of the pen,  the Livescribe 3 Smartpen – Standard Edition has an infrared camera at the tip that synchronizes well with the special Livescribe paper. This paper is imprinted with fine dot patterns that maps the location of the pen on the page.

The most exciting part of the pen is actually the app. The Livescribe+ app prompts your phone or tablet or any compatible device to connect to the pen once it launches. You can also find your pen with the Find My Pen function and make your pen beep aloud if you happen to lose it. This app can also turn your handwritten notes to searchable texts! It can do a lot more things too – like add photos, manage your notes and listen to your previous pen casts. The best part of the app is called “the Feed” where it is able to chronologically arrange your inputs and collate the relevant pieces together. It’s like having a virtual assistant that arranges all your stuff and can even identify numbers and email addresses to  help you arrange your contacts.


  • Convert handwriting to text to create Reminders, Appointments and Contacts
  • Organize, tag and search notes easily
  • Can be connected via Bluetooth
  • Long battery life and quick pairing
  • Create pencasts that sync recorded audio to your handwriting
  •  Share those notes and pencasts via email, Dropbox, Evernote or iCloud.


  • Only compatible to devices that are run with iOS ( iPhone 4s or newer, iPad 3rd Gen or newer,  iPod Touch 5th Gen or newer) and up to 4 compatible devices only.
  • Livescribe pens only work with Livescribe dot paper.

Livescribe 3 smartpen will be a good choice for those who wants their notes easily converted to a digitial copy and easily shared. Definitely this pen marks an elegant design with simple functionality. The integrated stylus cap down to the Swiss-made tungsten-carbide ink cartridge was pretty impressive and the the Livescribe 3 delivers the experience of a premium writing instrument and so much more.


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