Fellowes 300C AutoMax Shredder Review

Fellowes is one of the world’s toughest shredder makers. That being said, the company was indeed proud to have announced their release of AutoMax 300C , the first of its kind of truly walk away line of shredders. This cross-cut shredder is ideal for high security shredding as it shreds the documents to shredding into tiny 4x38mm particles. Read more from this Fellowes 300C AutoMax Shredder Review to know more.

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The Automax 300C will be great for those who want to ensure the security of the documents to be shredded. Its SmartLock feature makes sure that nobody else can access your material once you have already placed it in the shredder drawer.

What are the best features of this shredder?

The Fellowes Automax 300C Cross-Cut Shredder has the dimensions of  888mm(H) x 430mm(W) x 673mm(D) and weighs approximately 99 lbs. With its size, this shredder is recommended for a small or medium-sized office, handling three to five users per unit. It runs for up to 30 minutes and shreds up to a maximum of 1000 sheets per day. Thanks to its SilentShred feature, it can be used in an office without noise disturbance and its sleep mode feature is environmentally friendly and energy-saving as it shuts down the shredder after 2 minutes of non-use.

The bin can handle up to 60 litres and the shredder makes sure that the shredded materials are equally distributed to maximize the amount of shredding. The LED panel of the shredder has an indicator that tells if the bin is already full to show when the bin needs to be emptied.


  • Simple and elegant design
  • Robust design that is built to last with solid steel cutters, a powerful motor, and parts
  • SureFeed technology feature allows walk-away shredding
  • Shreds up to 300 sheets into 4 x 38mm cross-cut particles (Security Level P-4 of DIN standard)
  • SmartLock automatically locks the paper drawer when shredding to prevent access to paper while in use
  • Energy effecient
  • JamGuard System feature prevents shredding interruptions for jam free operation
  • Shreds crumpled paper, double sided color printed paper, glossy paper, multiple sheets folder over, paper clips, staples – even junk mail and DVDs
  • Has ultra-quiet SilentShred performance that virtually eliminates loud shredder noise


  • Will not shred the following: adhesive labels, continuous form paper, bound documents, transparencies, newspaper (thick), cardboard, binder clips, industrial staples, more than 20 pages stapled together, laminates, 3 inch floppy disks, file folders, X-ray films
  • Maximum run time is only 30 minutes per shredding

Trusted with quality lasting materials the Fellowes 300C AutoMax Shredder is worth considering. This product takes into account real-life situations where there are times that employees are not always careful on the security of office documents. The Automax handles this problem with ease although the price can be quite heavy on the budget.



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