SONY F series Walkman NW-F807/W 64GB Review

SONY F series Walkman NW-F807/W 64GB ReviewI remember back in the day when my walkman was one of my prized posessions. Ah! Such sweet memories. In these times now, we have a lot of ways in playing the media files. I’ve always loved Sony though in all the audio products they have in the market. The SONY F series Walkman NW-F807/W 64GB is created for music lovers by music lovers. This walkman’s quartet of sound augmentation technologies brings clarity of original sound. Interested to know more? Read on in this SONY F series Walkman NW-F807/W 64GB Review.

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If you require unlimited sharing for unlimited fun, hear it with Sony. Sony is one of the world’s leading creators for consumer electronics and broadcast & professional products. Established for more half a decade, Sony has been known for it innovative and high quality products.

What makes SONY F series Walkman stand out?

These SONY F series Walkman NW-F807/W 64GB comprises of ATL (Automatic Level Control) which produces clear bass sound quality without any sound distortion. It prevents audio signals to escape from one channel to another, reproducing the sharp and clear stereo sound of the original source and thus taking your audio experience to a hyped level.

Being Sony’s originally developed audio bandwidth enhancement technology, it improves the degraded sound of packed down audio and restores high frequency range to reproduce natural sound close to the original source. Experience and feel it once you got the ear phones on your ears!


  • Android 4.0.4 (offers multi-tasking that was not available with A Series)
  • Playlist management from the device (playlist creation; add/removal to/from playlists)
  • Has a built in Mono Speaker
  • Great sound quality
  • Large Screen
  • Durable quality (Japan technology)
  • Noise Canceling system is capable of reducing ambient noise up to 75% (at 200Hz) of perceived sound level


  • Short battery life –  single battery charge does not last nearly as long (even with wifi disabled).
  • No physical buttons to control music playback; A Series is better for no-look touch control

Instructions for changing the language: This device is intended for the Japanese market, it will default to Japanese text and onscreen keyboard input when you first power it on. If you cannot read Japanese, unplug the power cord and simply hold down the power button until the Power Off window appears. Tap the text at the top next to the power button icon followed by tapping the OK button on the next window that appears (the button at the lower right). After the device shuts off, you will see language selection the next time you power it on. You may choose English to see all text in English.

To sum it all up, SONY F series Walkman NW-F807/W 64GB delivers unequaled portable audio/video experience that is totally worth the money you spend for it.


sony f series walkman black sony f series walkman blue sony f series walkman white


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Beats by Dr Dre Beatbox Portable Speaker Review

Nothing is better than a relaxing day with great music playing on the background. How else would this happen but having a dependable speaker to play the track you want? The powerful, portable Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable has always been known to have a reliable audio performance. The Beatbox Portable speaker system was engineered to let loose the high-powered Beats by Dr. Dre sound no matter where the party goes. This sound it makes is incomparable. There’s pretty much no device, mix or sound that it can’t handle. If you are planning to get this device, continue reading this Beats by Dr Dre Beatbox Portable Speaker Review.

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In whichever location, you can overwhelm the room with deep bass and splendid sound while staying wirelessly in control. You can place Beatbox Portable in the corner of any room to fill it with renowned Beats by Dr. Dre bass and style. If you’re on the move, Beatbox Portable is practically weightless to carry around – the perfect speaker to take the party with you.

What makes Dr Dre Beats Portable Speaker stand out?

Do not be deceived of its compact size – because despite of this, the Beatbox Portable speaker brings soaring highs and deep, booming bass to all corners of every room in the house. What’s more impressive of it is it’s wireless too, so no cords to worry about!

The Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable Speaker streams via Bluetooth, but also has dock for iPhones and Pods or your laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 30 feet away. Beatbox Portable supports SBC, APT-X and AAC Bluetooth, which means you’ll always get much greater quality sound than most other Bluetooth devices.

Taking the party somewhere? If you’ve got an outlet or 6 “D” cell batteries, you’re good to set up anywhere. Just grab it by the handles and go. You can dock and charge an iPod or iPhone on the top, or plug into the back with a 3.5mm jack.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, Beatbox Portable also comes with a pocket-sized remote that lets you pause, play or change tracks from across the room.


  • Powerful audio output with deep bass response.
  • Portable, with built in handles for easy carrying.
  • Incredibly powerful sound.
  • Change tracks from your phone.
  • Totally portable.
  • Remote control your beats.


  • Runs on six D cell batteries.
  • Audible hiss when at maximum, regardless of Bluetooth device volume.
  • Just the slightest hint of distortion at maximum volume on deep bass tracks.

To sum everything up, the powerful, portable Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable From Monster offers solid audio performance, but suffers from excessive hiss at higher volumes.


beats portable beats dr dre beats speaker-beatboxportable-black-standard-back speaker-beatboxportable-black-standard-front speaker-beatboxportable-black-standard-thrqrtleft speaker-beatboxportable-black-standard-topbeats-by-dr-dre-beatbox-portable-from-monster-angle

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Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable Speaker (Black) (NEWEST – Includes USB Port)