Samsung HW-F450 2.1 Channel 280-Watt Soundbar Review

Get your home ready for an great TV and audio entertainment that is free from cables with the Samsung HW-F450 Soundbar. Your  TV will definitely get heightened audio performance after it easily and wirelessly connects through Bluetooth with this soundbar. This soundbar delivers HD-level clarity thanks to the Crystal Amplifier Pro and an excellent sub-woofer for bass. Find out how through this Samsung HW-F450 2.1 Channel 280-Watt Soundbar Review this unit can brings all-round top-quality sound into your home.

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Bid your goodbyes to trailing wires as you so you streamline your environment while enjoying 3D Sound Plus that delivers incredibly immersive audio that brings your audio entertainment to life.

What are the best features of this soundbar?

The Samsung HW-F450 2.1 Channel 280-Watt wireless Bluetooth Soundbar, will make elevate your TV experience in a whole new level with its fully vibrant and rich audio output and a high-performance subwoofer. It uses Bluetooth technology, so you can wirelessly and easily connect and stream music from your other devices. The 3D Sound Plus feature also compliments the images on your TV screen.

Installation of this audio bar is also simple and easy. It gets rid of the need to have a wired connection between your TV and your soundsystem. Just plug the main bar into AC power, the subwoofer to AC power and then wirelessly connect your AudioBar to select your compatible TV. The Wireless Active Subwoofer gives powerful bass from anywhere in the room and delivers a deep, satisfying sound experience. You can also control the volume of your Samsung TV and AudioBar with your Samsung TV remote when you use a Bluetooth or HDMI connection.


  • Dolby Digital and DTS available
  • 3D Sound Plus and Smart Volume capabilities
  • USB Host 2.0
  • Has Wireless Active Sub Woofer
  • ARC (Audio Return Channel) available
  • HDMI output
  • Easy to install
  • Space efficient
  • Budget friendly


  • Low frequency bass
  • Distracting center display is always on (but can be dimmed)

Note:  SoundShare is only available for select Samsung 3D TVs. For 2013 models, LED Series 6400 or higher and PDP Series 5500 or higher. For 2012 models, LED series 6100 or higher and PDP Series 550 or higher.

When this audiobar is compatible with your TV, it compliments it and works well. Your get to enjoy sound and will not have a hard time with installation. It renders crisp sound throughout the room that the family will surely enjoy.



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Samsung HW-F450 2.1 Channel 280-Watt Soundbar

Bose Solo TV Sound System Review

One way to make your TV experience heightened in a dramatic way is having the Bose Solo TV Sound System. For those who love watching TV, you already know of the obvious fact that TVs are too thin to be able to produce the sound we want the way we want it. Some sounds or even speech are not so audible and we may miss out on the sounds that are meant to bring out more emotion or impact from the one we are watching. Read more of this Bose Solo TV Sound System Review to know how you can get a full TV experience with it.

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Bose Solo TV Sound System’s casing is a large flat box that is well engineered to fit under your TV rather than in front of it (like most of the soundbars in the market). This TV sound system’s the main connection is an optical input. When it is plugged in to your TV’s output, the Solo will deliver the sound for whatever your TV is on to, either games consoles or Blu-Ray players.

What are the key features of this Sound System?

The Bose Solo TV Sound System is simple and easy to set up with its one speaker, one connection lay-out. You can have it as a stand for your TV on the living room for sizes up to 37 to 42 inches. Its sleek design goes perfectly with any TV. Though not a surround-sound system, the four speaker drivers and two bass ports inside the unit that delivers the noticeable audio enhancement compared to the limited drivers built into most flat-screen TVs. The sound output is mostly dominated by the mid-range and bass.

The crisp, well detailed sound this unit provides will impress you as this is brought by the advanced Bose speaker technology. It gives a wide range of sound that is distributed evenly throughout the room in a compact enclosure. Bose has its proprietary digital signal processing which makes the sound adjusted and optimized at any volume level. With this technology, you get to feel more closer to what you are watching on TV so it feels like a whole new experience.


  • Impressive audio crisp and clear output
  • Bass is deep and rich and noticeable background soundtracks becomes lively
  • Neat and sleek design
  • Easy set-up
  • Has simple, four-button remote for volume, mute and power
  • Does not overheat
  • Metal speaker grille design


  • Does not have HDMI outputs
  • Does not support wireless connectivity to other devices

Clearly this speaker will indeed transform your everyday TV experience. This TV sound system will be great for those that don’t need or want the extremes of high and low tones or those that are not looking for the big explosive sound of a movie theater but will give you best great audio out that that will make hear dialogue in movies very clearly.



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Bose® Solo TV Sound System

Sony MHCEC919iP 700 Watts Music System Review

It’s be nice to have a small speaker small enough to fit into your bookshelf. If you are looking for such, the Sony MHCEC919iP 700 Watts Music System  is going to be the perfect sound system for you. This little baby, although small as it is, can generate life to your favorite music, with its deep bass, strong kick drums and the clarity your sound deserves. Know more about by reading this Sony MHCEC919iP 700 Watts Music System Review.

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Saturate your room with brilliant sound from this full function, all-in-one stereo system that highlights 700 watts RMS power, 2-way speaker system and an 8 inch subwoofer that’s gonna blow your mind with great music. The MHC-ED919iP challenges the performance of bigger, complicated stereo systems with far less music distortion.

What are the key features of this music system?

The design itself is already impressive. It’s small yet powerful and versatile. With this Sony MHCEC919iP 700 Watts Music System you can play your online playlists, listen to your audio apps from your device and stay connected with the latest iPhone and iPod devices. Its dock provides suitable and easy charging and playback control for devices using the 8-pin Lightning connector. Aside from that you can also listen from CDs, radio stations, and more, all in one easy to use stereo system to fit your musical needs.

These speakers are small and can be positioned vertically or horizontally at any convenient place you like (it fits on bookshelves). There are AM/FM antennas included to make sure that broadcast signals comes clear and it also has a wireless remote with batteries.


  • USB connectivity is available
  • Great bass boost
  • LCD display has clock in it which you can use as an alarm
  • Loud and clear sound
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Sleek and sexy design


  • No custom equalizer
  • No microphone input

For its price, this speaker is a great deal. Has many features that you can use and has the quality of sound and bass you need.



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Sony MHCEC919iP 700 Watts Music System

Bose Wave radio III with Bluetooth Music Adapter Review

Streaming music is more enjoyable when you get life-like sound and this is something that Bose offers with their Bose Wave radio III with Bluetooth music adapter. Known from providing award-winning sound from a compact system, wave radio III makes it easy for you to stream music from your computer or any Bluetooth compatible mobile device to bring musical entertainment to your cozy homes. Let us learn more of this device on this Bose Wave radio III with Bluetooth Music Adapter Review.

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This device is basically a radio plus so much more! It’s a bundle that will let you rediscover your preferred FM or AM radio stations plus more additional exciting features.

What are the key features of this device?

Bose has guaranteed that they remained consistent of the sound quality that they have provided from the original Wave radio. Still it delivers sound performance that goes beyond the expectation despite the speaker’s size. With this device, you can play music wirelessly – straight from your phone, your mobile device, from your computer (all via Bluetooth connection) or through the radio.

Convenience and precision is another advantage for Bose Wave radio III . The advanced tuner gives better radio reception and provides the information on the music being played (like the artists and song titles). You can also set two different wake up times on its alarm, making it convenient for couples with different work schedules. These wake-up snooze alarms have invisible touch-top controls too!


  • Superb Bose technology performance and quality
  • Sleek and sexy design – perfect for table tops
  • Simple and easy to set-up
  • No remotes or buttons to locate (invisible touch-top control)
  • Rich, room-filling and life-like sound streaming
  • Auxiliary input to enjoy another audio source (e.g., MP3 or DVD player) through your Wave system
  • Headphone jack for private listening


  • External Bluetooth device seemed awkward to look at on the table top (internal Bluetooth would have been better)
  • No WiFi connection capability (would have been a big plus)


 Snooze control is activated by tapping the top of your Wave radio III

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Bose ® Wave® radio III with Bluetooth® music adapter- Titanium Silver

SONOS PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Review

Knowing that Sonos is the best manufacturer of wireless music system, it was indeed a big thrill to have known that they have released the smallest and yet the most affordable member of their wireless streaming line up. Meet and xperience HiFi crystal clear sound at any volume with Sonos Player:1. Read more of this SONOS PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Speaker Review to know more!

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For an even greater news, in the spirit of Christmas, Sonos is giving away a Free SONOS BRIDGE with the Purchase of a SONOS PLAY:1, PLAY:3, or PLAY:5!  Sonos Play:1 does indeed makes it easier and much more affordable to to either expand or start your Sonos system and transforming your home listening experience to a whole new level.

How will this Compact Wireless Speaker keep you happy?

As with the the other members of the Sonos family, the Play:1 is yet again another smart speaker that is made up of both hardware and software that is carefully engineered to bring the best quality sound and easy accessible sound performance in a small pint-sized streaming device. This device has a well designed and customized mid-woofer and tweeter that gives off deep, loaded and astoundingly big sound which is indeed very impressive for such a small sized speaker.

Listening through Sonos Play:1, you will notice that distortion is very less even if it’s in full volume. The sound is powerful even at low ends and mids and highs has maintained its crisps giving you a great experience in listening to your favorite music where ever you are located in the room.

This pint-sized speaker features a new button on top that lets you play and pause you music with a single push of a button. Pressing the same button twice also makes you quickly skip from one track to another.  To make everything even better, Play:1 is built to with premium materials and rock-solid construction in order to last longer. In fact, sealed architecture has created a resistance to the most humid conditions in the home.


  • Mini and mighty – a tiny wireless speaker system that gives crystal clear HiFi sound
  • Fits anywhere – compact and flexible design that you can place anywhere at home
  • Easy to mount on walls
  • Just like the other members of the Sonos family, this speaker can be controlled using your smartphone or tablet nearby using the Sonos App
  • Listen to music from most popular music services like Spotify, Rdio, Napster, and Hype Machine
  • Humidity resistant


  • Sonos app allows only one user account (so if your have a guest that wants to listen to their own playlist, this can be a problem)
  • This device is not portable.

Sonos clearly always makes sure of the quality of sound on their products. Play:1 is of course another great addition from their impressive line of products. A surprisingly great sound for a small device is not less the best reason why this device is highly recommended.



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SONOS PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music – (Black)