Microboards G4 50 Disc Inkjet Autoprinter Review

Thought I’d want to review something that was of use when we were printing out discs. Churches, schools, sales and marketing departments, government offices, videographers, and recording studios and etc. will benefit from the affluence, swiftness, affordability, and professional results derived from the Microboards G4 Auto Printer. Read on with this Microboards G4 50 Disc Inkjet Autoprinter review if you are interested in buying this product.

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This Microboards G4 50 Disc Inkjet Autoprinter, prints high-quality, professionally finished CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs very quickly, and most importantly – affordable, and radically super easy. The printing process is simple, with a radically spontaneous interface that anyone can operate; and its 50-disc capacity allows unattended printing.

What does the this disc printer feature?

You are certain to make a positive impressions with finished CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs that look amazing, thanks to HP inkjet technology and the bright and vivid colors derived from HP inks. When you use the G4 Auto Printer, the process of producing professionally finished discs—in mid-to-high volumes—is nearly effortless.

Anyone—even beginners—can easily operate the printer. Set it up and walk away—the 50-disc capacity enables automatic unattended printing of all your discs without hiccup.


  • Microboards disc handling technology provides smoother, cleaner images while HP’s patented inkjet technology delivers consistently brilliant color on every disc.
  • With a 50-disc input bin, it is simple to set up a multiple-disc print job and walk away while the G4 does the work for you.
  • With the latest Microboards innovation, excellent service and support technicians are always available—if or when you need them, as Microboards pride themselves on offering service and support above and beyond the typical company.
  • Whether you’re printing full-color, full-coverage discs or light coverage with text only, you’ll enjoy results of the highest quality.
  • SureThing label design software enables you to create labels with a professional flair.
  • It sports a sleek, compact design that allows for desktop placement for easy, immediate access.


  • There were reports of the carriage return ribbon being easily damaged, but this is a case to case basis of the user. However, you can always count on Microboards’ excellent service and technical support for any assistance you might need. They are known to be excellent when it comes to service and technical support.

To sum it up in this review, the industrial G4 Auto Printer is your answer to printing discs quickly and cost-effectively— it delivers discs with both excellent quality in text and graphics.


microboards front microboards side


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