Amazon Tap Review

Set to be released by Amazon on March 31, the Amazon Tap seemed to be making a huge buzz in the Tech Industry already. This device is definitely a great addition to the Alexa Family. For those those who have not heard about Alexa – it’s the name of the voice-controlled assistant in these Amazon devices. It basically works like Siri only more. It just simply does more than just answering questions and finding local businesses around the area. It can play your favorite music, order pizza, voice control your home and even requests rides from Uber. And who knows what more – company is further extending their tie ups with other companies. I must say it got me enthusiastic knowing it can do all these. Let’s know more about this device from this Amazon Tap Review, shall we?

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This device makes sense perfect sense why Amazon Tap is already making a scene. It used to be already a wonder being able to turn the lights on and off by clapping. And now these amazing technologies are able to make things done by voice commands – not even lifting the phone to order pizza. Life is easy.

What are the impressive features of Amazon Tap?

If you are going to remove the built-in, voice-command Alexa features, what you get left with the Amazon tap is the basic Wi-Fi enabled portable Bluetooth speaker. Even so, it makes a pretty good job at it. It gives a clear, rich, full-range 360 degrees omni-directional audio. It is equipped with Dolby Processing dual stereo speakers which makes it able to have crisp vocal output as well as extended bass resonance.

Adding the voice command Alexa features on this device just makes it an ultimate must have for gadget geeks and techno crazies as it extends what it can do to a whole new dimension and a lot more possibilities. With a single tap at the microphone button, the Tap plays your favorite song by asking for the artist, or the genre. It streams music directly from Spotify, Prime Music, Pandora TuneIn and more. You can also ask to read the news (or have her read something from online), get the weather, change room temperature, report humidity levels, control home (SMART compatible) appliances or set the timer for alarm, set, order pizza, get you an Uber ride and even open your garage (with Garageio).

The Amazon Tap is a compact device and can be easily brought along, weather you are heading to go biking on the mountains or going to a beach party. A full battery charge can last up to 9 hours, which of course depends on the level of use as well as device settings, and environmental factors.


  • Small and portable (6.2″ x 2.6″ x 2.6″ or 159 mm x 66 mm x 66 mm; Weighs 470 grams)
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity  (can be tethered to you smartphone)
  • Alexa App is compatible with Fire OS, Android, and iOS devices (can even be accessed on your computer browser)
  • Great audio output – has dual 1.5-inch drivers and dual passive radiators for awesome bass extension (Dolby and Stereo Sound)
  • Alexa voice service – voice control creates a whole lot of possibilities for this device
  • This device works with mobile Hotspots
  • Charging cradle included with purchase
  • Battery powered (can last up to 9 hours)
  • Optional super chic Tap Sling case makes it really easy to bring around but costs extra


  • Just like the trouble people may have with Siri, sometimes Alexa does not understand what you are asking. You’d have to repeat until Alexa gets it
  • Must have smooth internet connection, otherwise voice commands will not get through
  • Not many home appliances are compatible to follow commands – for example SMART appliances are more likely more inclined to be able to get commands from Alexa.

As of the writing of this Article, Amazon  keeps on working to integrate the device with other companies such as Nest and many others. That only means that there are a lot more possibilities that the Alexa Voice Command System can do in the future.


Amazon Tap Review  Amazon Tap Review Amazon Tap Review

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Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Speaker Review

Brookstone has recently added another member to their impressive line of wireless speakers. Introducing, the addition of its Big Blue Party, a six-driver, completely wireless, Bluetooth indoor-outdoor speaker tower. This monstrous device looks like an on-the-go version of the Big Blue Media Tower, which was a similarly vertical speaker that’s well engineered to boost your home audio and video entertainment. Read more about this device through this Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Speaker Review.

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Even with its small and portable size, the Big Blue Party is able to deliver all the bump on its own and can bring your party from indoors to outdoors.

What are the best features of this Indoor-Outdoor Speaker?

The Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Speaker has four specially angled speaker drivers that delivers a compelling 360° sound which is really great for parties. Its power runs with 72 watts, 18 watts per channel. Having said so, this speaker will surround your party in omni-directional, full-range stereo–complete and thundering bass through its 2.5-inch drivers, a 36-watt/5.5-inch circular subwoofer, and a 5 x 7-inch passive box radiator. And if ever you run out of power from the batteries, the included AC adapter works with any standard outlet.

This speaker is 6.3″ (W) x 6.3″ (L) x 15.8″ (H) in size and looks pretty trendy and groovy. If you like James Bond movies, you would compare the looks of this speaker with that some kind of bomb that James Bond has to carefully remove from the heart of a missile silo. It has a water-resistant exterior and an impressive easy-grip carry chrome and sparkling metal top handle.


  • Delivers powerful 360° audio output
  • Elegant yet robust design and has sturdy materials
  • Water resistant
  • Easily connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth devices up to 33′ away
  • Runs with a rechargeable battery
  • Portable: you can take it with you anywhere -poolside, decks or the beach
  • Has an easy-grip carry handle
  • No wires and no cords needed
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Can be controlled from your mobile device or from the top-mounted bass/treble and volume controls


  • Battery lasts only for approximately 4.5 hours per charge
  • This speaker is quite heavy (approximately 14.8 lbs)

Big Blue Party is indeed a great speaker that does what it says it does. The design is attractive and it is easy to use and more importantly it plays your music under any conditions. The price of this device is just right for its performance and quality thus it merits a favorite from a lot of music lovers.


Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Speaker Review   

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Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Speaker

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2000 1080p 3LCD Projector Review

The last Epson Home Cinema (Epson 5030UB) reviewed on this website was truly a great package but quite a bit hard on the budget. With this Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2000 1080p 3LCD Projector you will still be able to get full HD 1080p cinematic adventures in 2D or 3D at a more friendly price. This model is a little similar to Epson model 2030 which is a top rated model but only have the difference on the light output. Let us find out more about this model on this Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2000 1080p 3LCD Projector Review. Keep reading.

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Excellent image quality needs high color brightness and this model is one of Epson’s 3LCD projectors that have up to 3x Brighter Colors compare to other leading projectors in the market. Pictures that appear on this projector are always rich and brilliant thanks to its 1800 lumens of color brightness and 1800 lumens of white brightness.

What are the key features of this projector?

The PowerLite Home Cinema 2000 uses 3LCD, 3-chip technology that makes display brilliant images with true-to-life exciting colors. If you are into watching great movies, you can have a good time watching a blockbuster film with images up to 300″ on any wall or screen.

Setting it up is very simple and easy too! When watching your favorite movie, you can either use the built-in-sound within the device or use your own home theatre sound system. The Home Cinema 2000 also has two HDMI ports that you can use in connecting to your favorite games and play. Also, another feature is the MHL connectivity which transforms your projector into a smart display, give you instant access to movies, videos and games from your mobile devices.


  • Impressive 3LCD Display Technology
  • 1920 x 1080 Native Resolution
  • Compact, light, and easy (you can bring with you when travelling)
  • Bulbs last for 5000-6000 hours (mostly for Epson Home Cinema line)
  • Great throw distance (you won’t need a big room for this)
  • Multiple color modes are available for optimizing the images


  • The bottom of the projector heats up (not an isolated case for most projectors)
  • Noticeable fan noise (but does not last)

To sum it up, this projector is of excellent value, and an easy choice for if you want to get into 1080p and/or 3D image on a large scale. It has a lot to offer in a very affordable price, hence, it is highly recommended.



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Epson 5030UB 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector Review

If you would want to bring that spectacular movie theater experience at home you should hear about the astounding new Epson 5030UB 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector. Having this projector would probably be a dream come true for movie fanatics and video game enthusiasts as you experience amazingly cinematic 2D and 3D adventures in Full HD 1080 performance. Read more from this Epson 5030UB 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector Review to know more.

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Hanging out at home would be much more fun when movies, video games and sporting events virtually seem to come alive and jump off the screen – thanks to its 2400 lumens of color brightness and 2400 lumens of white brightness. Upon purchase of this projector, you will get 2 pairs of RF glasses too for free, so you’ll always be ready for your 3D adventures!

What are the features of this projector?

An important thing to consider in choosing this projector is its THX display cerification. This was surely not an easy task for Epson as the Home Cinema 5030UB was put over 400 laboratory testing to make sure high quality 2D and 3D performance. This ensures that there is accurate picture quality that adheres to performance standards, black levels, resolution, contrast, signal processing and color gamut. This certification is recognized by most consumers and professionals and it ensures that the texture is natural and the viewers get film-like movie experience.

Mixed color separation techniques and imaging stimulation is brought about by its Super Resolution Technology which makes HD content come alive and delivers crisp and clear images. This technology also sharpens blurry images that have been enlarged due to up scaling.

Another impressive feature of the Home Cinema 5030UB is the Auto Iris Technology (for 2D and 3D viewing) that adjusts the small narrow opening in order to provide the optimum contrast and brightness of every scene.


  • Use the Split Screen mode to display content from two inputs simultaneously, side by side, on a single screen & Lens Shift
  • Lamp Life is up to 5000 Hours in ECO Mode
  • THX Certification & HDMI Connectivity
  • Equipped with horizontal and vertical lens shift, to help configure projector setup
  • Classic Black-and-White Cinema Mode
  • Epson 3LCD, 3-Chip Optical Engine
  • The projector’s state-of-the-art Fujinon lens and built-in cinema filter provide exceptional picture uniformity and color


  • Supports PIP but the second screen is smaller (about 1/8 the size)

This projector is highly recommended. Aside from its very neat design, it is built with image quality and reliability. Indeed, Epson’s high-definition projectors take home theater entertainment to a whole new level, and it features color and detail that’s sure to win rave reviews from friends and family alike.



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Sony STR-DN1040 7.2 Channel 1155-Watt A/V Receiver Review

Sony DN1040 AV Receiver

You will never feel out of place with the Sony STR-DN1040, as it is one of the few comparatively affordable AV receivers that is in tune with the current technology. Most if its features owes to the fact that it is smooth, receptive interface that’s way ahead better than what other companies might offer. Of course, the STR-DN1040 is equip with built-in Bluetooth, AirPlay and Wi-Fi, making it very simple to  make cross points with tablets and smartphones, with which most of your audio files are stored. Read more of this Sony STR-DN1040 7.2 Channel 1155-Watt A/V Receiver Review for more information on this product.

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One more thing that is an amazement of this AV receiver is its feature of eight HDMI inputs with whooping performance, outclassing any other receiver available in the market. This makes the STR-DN1040 certainly bring out the feeling of getting your money’s worth.

What makes you this AV receiver stand out?

This sophisticated version of AV receiver showcases an auto phase matching. What does that mean? With an included microphone, place it anywhere near you and settings are automatically enhanced based on the distance, delays and placement of your speakers – just like magic! With this feature, surely, Sony wants to makes sure that you get optimum sound experience from your A/V receiver and speakers.

Always have enjoyed the life-like dynamic sound effects in movies that you  get in theaters? Well this baby will be precisely what you need. It will optimize your receiver to resemble the sound in a way that it will be a deliberate interpretation of the characteristics in the movie theaters. It has a Front Height mode makes it possible for vocal height and 3D effects for superior positioning of effects giving giving more intensity to visuals and concerts. It will be as real as you can get as the effect unfolds on-screen.  What more is that when you need to keep the volume low, the same sound optimizer enables you to hear the smallest sound effect at even at low volumes.


  • Superior sound quality.
  • Easy connectivity with built in WiFi and Bluetooth Technology.
  • AirPlay capability.
  • 7.2 Ch. of Power.
  • 3D Passthrough.
  • Easy set-up.


  • When not in GUI, there is no on-screen volume display.
  • Somewhat prehistoric microphone calibration (automatic mic calibration would have been great)

Overall, the Sony STR-DN1040 7.2 Channel 1155-Watt A/V Receiver brings your hometheatre system into a whole new level. I like the fact that apart from its very impressive features, getting started with it is never a daunting task, it is super easy set up with the help of the wizard – you achieve the maximum sound experience you want.



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