Find the Best Dashcam in PAPAGO P2PRO-USP2 Pro Full HD 1080P

The Papago! P2  DVR is a Taiwanese brand dash cam with an astonishingly impressive picture quality on daytime and even on night time, thanks to its high quality lenses. This camera is indeed gaining a well deserved popularity in the dashcam market.  It uses the Ambarella A2S70 processor where you can record an HD video at 1920 x 1080p resolution at 30fps. The view from the 2.4″ LCD screen is large enough to catch important details and considerably a large dash cam that measures 82 x 77 x 104 in millimeters.

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The P2 Pro will not only heighten your driving experience but more importantly it also minds your safety on the road. This model is packed with a trusted GPS that provides an accurate digital mapping system once the footage is opened with the GoLife software that can be found on their website. Be mindful though that this GPS does not navigate your driving. Other features are the G-sensor capability, lane departure warning system (LDWS), front collision warning system (FCWS), speed camera warning, along with the stop and go feature that will ensure a safe driving experience. PAPAGO P2PRO-USP2 has a wide dynamic range (WDR) that delivers crystal clear images in low-light conditions which would definitely safeguard yourself against any insurance fraud cases or possible accidents. Know more about how interesting this device is and why it is necessary to have this device on your car for your safety with the company’s official Press Release article:

Dashcam?! It Would Never Happen to Me!

Seemingly endless parades of dashcam footage are posted all over the Internet. Places like Russia and China are rampant with hordes of horrifying, hilarious and mystifying videos portraying once in a lifetime events all captured on these tiny devices that are placed on the windshield or dashboard of vehicles.  People are into it. There are sites devoted to showing the latest and greatest capture of dashcam video.  There are sites created that spend hours of work and fluxes of posts that dissect and embellish each particle and article of every dashcam ever created. They are out there and people are actively posting regularly. So why hasn’t the US shown a greater presence in the dashcam culture as of yet?

Russian Meteor

Places like Russia and China are notorious for the reckless drivers, corrupt policing, and crazy antics on the road.  I guess, in America people are certain that they are better drivers, much more responsible and quite frankly we are invincible on the road.  When you look at the statistics, which are quite rampant all over the Internet, you will see that the United States does in fact have less tragic vehicle accidents per capita then Russia, but what we do not realize is that the numbers are still staggering with more than 32,000 deaths per year.  American drivers are definitely playing a huge role in “bad driving” and reckless behavior on the road but are not as widely strewn across YouTube for the world to see because of the simple fact that they are not recording it!

 Car DashCam

True, American drivers may not regularly experience the unfortunate event w here someone throws themselves in front of their car to collect insurance money or getting falsely accused by a police officer and/or extorting bribes like the widespread accounts of this in Russia.  According to Dash Cam Talk, “…since most people have insurance and police are relatively honest in the US, they may not believe there is a need.  While in countries like Russia, many people don’t have insurance and police are more corrupt.  It has become a necessity there.”  Another fact is that in Russia the policies are quite different.

Pedestrian Throwing Themselves at a Car

Pedestrian Throwing Themselves at a Car

The possibility of insurance fraud does exist in America; in fact, it is costing drivers upwards of 5 billion dollars in higher premiums because of it.  What about when the police refuse to get involved in a non-injury accident and the battle turns into a “he said, she said”? Just think how important that short video clip would be to any driver in the case of someone trying to fabricate an accident or wrongly blaming the other driver so he or she can collect the insurance or cash on demand.  The attitude that, “it would never happen to me,” will not hold validity when unforeseen circumstances take over.  Of course this may not be enough of an incentive for most drivers on the road to get a dashcam, not until something like this does actually happen to them!

Car Accidents

So why not take advantage of the dashcam and the safety features it has to offer?  The PAPAGO! brand definitely has the market cornered on safety features at the moment.  The belief that these high-tech devices can promote safe driving will only be evident if people actually use them.  We cannot gather data on something that does not exist.  The higher end model of the PAPAGO! brand has a lane departure warning system (LDWS), front collision warning system (FCWS), Stop and Go, which tells the driver with a beep to “Go” once the car in front of them has proceeded to drive after being stopped for more than 10 seconds, light reminder warning,  speed camera detection, and driver fatigue alarm that you set when taking a long drive.  The idea that drivers everywhere will begin to follow the speed limit, stop running red lights, and pay attention to the road is ideally what the dashcam revolution hopes to achieve.

Speed Camera Warning-Papago P2 Pro

Speed Camera Warning-Papago P2 Pro

The most noteworthy thing we can say about dashcams is that they do provide footage of once in a lifetime events. Meteorites in Russia, bullying police officers, yes even in the US (, and even good deeds (, plus the horrific, funny, and wild events that happen without any notice.  With the voluminous accounts you find on the Internet of these outrageous events it is no surprise that Americans’ interest in dashcams has risen significantly in the past few years. Although the laws to date on dashcams in America are relatively vague, with the rise in popularity of these devices, lawmakers will soon need to adjust and create laws that will cover any and all circumstances. Thanks to our friends at Dash Cam Talk we were referred to examine the Google Trends listing on dashcam’s.

Interest Over Time

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Region Interest

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Another key niche market that should explore the benefits of dashcams is truck drivers and fleet managers.  For an individual or manager of trucks that are always on the road, the security that a dashcam can provide in a variety of situations is worth the small investment.  There are truck-driving forums devoted to discussing the perils and harrowing experiences they live through as part of their profession (  Discussion threads often cover the advantage that dashcams give to the driver when they are faced with life’s unexpected events.  Evidence shows that a huge majority of truck drivers would like to have a dashcam facing outwards on their dash to capture other drivers’ antics on the road and protect them from insurance fraud.  Fleet managers could take advantage of this as well by being able to monitor the drivers route and driving habits as well as to protect their drivers against other dishonest individuals on the road.

Truck Driver Getting Cut Off

Truck Driver Getting Cut Off

Many articles written on dashcams keep stating that Americans are running late to the game. We have the technology available to us and we are just now getting to know how the dashcam’s functions and building a list of reasons why everyone could benefit from owning one.  With the huge strides in research and design dashcam companies, with PAPAGO! Inc. being one of the big players, will give to consumers the access to a variety of dashcams that appeal to their particular lifestyle.  Purchasing a quality made dashcam is available to the masses in North America and people everywhere should do their research and find the right dashcam for them.

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Newly found craving: Juicing Vegetables!

Just recently, a friend of mine has made me watch this amazing documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead which was made around year 2010. It’s an American documentary film which follows the 60-day journey of Australian Joe Cross across the United States as he follows a juice fast to regain his health under the care of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Nutrition Research Foundation’s Director of Research. And this is indeed my newly found craving: Juicing Vegetables!

My thoughts about the film? It was worth every second watching it! It was truly inspiring. I do not have as much needed weight loss as with the ones on the film (I weigh 121 lbs and I’m 5 foot and 3 inches tall) – but the film has none the less educated and inspired me to achieve optimum health through juicing and plant-based eating.

As I am on my way to do my rebooting program, I had quite a struggle in choosing the best juicer to use on this exciting journey. So here is a guide that was absolutely helpful for me and I hope you find it helpful too!

As I was looking through all the juicers available online, I got confused of all the wide variety of juicers on the market today – we have centrifugal, slow juicer, twin-gear (these are just a few from the many I have found). It was indeed very much a challenge in deciding which one is best and most fit to buy.

Let’s start with centrifugal juicers. These juicers pushes juice by use of centrifugal force on a fine strainer made of up spinning basket with a sharp disc that shreds the fruits and vegetables. They’re easy to use, makes juices quickly, and are budget friendly too! This will be great for anyone new to juicing and budget shoppers. You have to remember though that when you use this kind of juicer, you have to drink the juice immediately. Upon juicing your vegetables, this juicer adds oxygen to the juice and so the juices don’t keep as long and whereby decreases its nutritional value. This type of juicer cannot juice wheatgrass, sprouts or nuts and greens will be a bit harder to juice.

Here are centrifugal juicers you might wanna look at (click on the link for pricing and user reviews):



Masticating juicers on the other hand, produce juice by grinding it (like chewing it with your teeth) and then squeezing the juice out. This type of juicer leads a lot more juice and lesser pulp. It generate less heat and foam, thus nutrients and enzymes are preserved. This type is pretty much versatile – it can juice most fruits and vegies including wheatgrass and cranberries and even nuts. Some use this type of juicer in making nut butters, baby foods, banana ice creams and fruit sorbets. What you should remember in using this juicer is that it may take a bit longer time in preparation since shoots tend to be smaller and you might need to cut fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces. It’s a bit most costly than centrifugal juicers and a bit more tedious to clean as well.

Here is a list of this type of juicer.  (Click on the link for pricing and user reviews).


Lastly, the twin-gear juicers. This type of juicer interlocks gears and presses it together to extract juice. It is able to presere the optimum nutritional value of the juice (low oxidation) and very much effecient in juicing greens. It’s quit expensive than the other type of juicers mentioned but it’s quite perfect for someone who wants a top-of-the-line juicer that frequently drinks a large quantity of juice. Do note as well that this juicer has ore parts to clean and a little more tedious and tricky to put back together after cleaning.

Here is a list that might be helpful (click on the link for pricing and user reviews):


I hope this list helps you as much as it helped me. Now, let’s all end the unhealthy lifestyle and let the great fruit and veggie filled life begin! As what Joe Cross always says, Juice on! Have fun juicing! 🙂

Building Up Self-Confidence

There was a huge part on my life when I have really struggled on building up self-confidence. When I was in Grade School, I hardly get someone who wants to play with me. I was really thin – and even worse, I was part of the school’s feeding program where they feed seemingly malnourished children. Ugh! I was underweight for my height and age and the other kids do not want to play with kids who are lame at games. I was the typical school girl who badly wants to play but then just sits on the corner and watch the others play. Then when I get home, I pretend like I was playing the game within the silence of the four corners of my room.

The one thing that is good though is that I would win Quiz Bees and participate in the school’s extra curricular activities. I was active academically and was one of the Top 5 when we graduated. Even so, I have felt I was an outcast and I felt I was not good enough to fit in. I admittedly I have had poor self-esteem issues growing up and admittedly it was a struggle that I fought for so hard. I am no psychologist but in this journal, I would like to share the struggles that I have had about self-confidence.

What value does building self-confidence add in our life? Let me tell you about the Wheel of Wellness.

The Wheel of Wellness is a model based on Adler’s individual psychology and cross-disciplinary research on characteristics of healthy people who live longer and with a higher quality of life. We all aim for a high quality life in this world and in order to do that, we would need to achieve a high self-esteem, which it is essential to focus on identifying strengths, positive assets, and resources related to each component of the Wellness model and use these strengths to cope with life challenges.

As for me, I tried not to focus on the things I cannot do. I told myself to be optimistic and always see the good things over the bad. I went put myself in a perspective where I focus on the things I have and what the things I can offer offer the world – those things that I can give to people around me and help them too. I identified my positive attributes, focused on it, and tried my best to improve more on it. I know it might be a bit of a struggle especially when sometimes people around you seem to put you down. But always remember that you know yourself better than anyone else around you.

So let not other people define who you are – try not to care about what other people see and think and focus on the positive things within you and keep working on it.

A positive attitude surely comes a long way. You will be surprised yourself once it will be making the difference in your life – so hang on to it! I always believe that if you set your self to a definite goal, the world will pave the way to let you pass. Make it your goal to achieve self-confidence and it will be that much easy if you keep your mind focused on it. Fake it if you must until you convince yourself of it. It worked like magic for me.

Until the next journal sexy nerds! Stay awesome! VP

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