Bose Solo TV Sound System Review

One way to make your TV experience heightened in a dramatic way is having the Bose Solo TV Sound System. For those who love watching TV, you already know of the obvious fact that TVs are too thin to be able to produce the sound we want the way we want it. Some sounds or even speech are not so audible and we may miss out on the sounds that are meant to bring out more emotion or impact from the one we are watching. Read more of this Bose Solo TV Sound System Review to know how you can get a full TV experience with it.

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Bose Solo TV Sound System’s casing is a large flat box that is well engineered to fit under your TV rather than in front of it (like most of the soundbars in the market). This TV sound system’s the main connection is an optical input. When it is plugged in to your TV’s output, the Solo will deliver the sound for whatever your TV is on to, either games consoles or Blu-Ray players.

What are the key features of this Sound System?

The Bose Solo TV Sound System is simple and easy to set up with its one speaker, one connection lay-out. You can have it as a stand for your TV on the living room for sizes up to 37 to 42 inches. Its sleek design goes perfectly with any TV. Though not a surround-sound system, the four speaker drivers and two bass ports inside the unit that delivers the noticeable audio enhancement compared to the limited drivers built into most flat-screen TVs. The sound output is mostly dominated by the mid-range and bass.

The crisp, well detailed sound this unit provides will impress you as this is brought by the advanced Bose speaker technology. It gives a wide range of sound that is distributed evenly throughout the room in a compact enclosure. Bose has its proprietary digital signal processing which makes the sound adjusted and optimized at any volume level. With this technology, you get to feel more closer to what you are watching on TV so it feels like a whole new experience.


  • Impressive audio crisp and clear output
  • Bass is deep and rich and noticeable background soundtracks becomes lively
  • Neat and sleek design
  • Easy set-up
  • Has simple, four-button remote for volume, mute and power
  • Does not overheat
  • Metal speaker grille design


  • Does not have HDMI outputs
  • Does not support wireless connectivity to other devices

Clearly this speaker will indeed transform your everyday TV experience. This TV sound system will be great for those that don’t need or want the extremes of high and low tones or those that are not looking for the big explosive sound of a movie theater but will give you best great audio out that that will make hear dialogue in movies very clearly.



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