Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro Review

Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro ReviewNot just women but also men have problems with unwanted hair in the body. Sometimes it even becomes frustrating to maintain it by shaving regularly.  The Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro makes all these frustration a thing of the past. With this device, the process of permanently removing unwanted hair in a in the comfort of home can be done simply, quickly, and safely. Read further on this Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro Review and find out if purchasing this device is worth the money to spend.

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The use of Intense Pulsed Light or IPL has been a common method used by medical practitioners to remove unwanted hair. Beurer IPL 7500 is a device that is clinically tested for maximum safety at home. It works by deactivating the hair roots deep underneath the skin. This process will then reduce the chance of the hair to grow back.

What are the best features of Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro?

The compact design of Beurer IPL 7500 makes it ideal for treating areas with small body sufaces. To be exact it has 3.1 square centimeters (0.47 square inches) light surface to  send light impulses into the hair. The estimated time frame for a full body treatment is up to 20 minutes. The treatment process would need up to 4 sessions to be able to see results of clear hair removal.

As mentioned earlier, this device uses the IPL technology in permanent hair removal. Our body has melanin pigments in the base part of the hair that absorbs the light emitted from the device. This creates heat and then impairs the hair follicles to prevent any further growth of the hair.

Certain skin types and/or hair types may not be suitable in using this device. It will not be effective on very light or grey hair  as well as those with very dark skin tones. For this purpose, it is integrated with a 2-in-1 skin sensor. This serves the purpose of sensing skin contact and skin type so that no light pulses will be discharged unless there is a suitable skin pigmentation. The device also features a built UV protection to protect the skin from harmful rays.


  • Compact design
  • IPL (intense pulsed light) technology responsible for long lasting hair removal
  • 150,000 light pulses and 3 energy levels
  • The devices includes one cartridge with 100,000 pulses
  • Clinically tested – confirmed in a study by Institute proDERM
  • Safe application with skin color and skin contact sensor
  • Built in UV protection
  • 0.47 sq inch treatment area
  • Full body treatment in as low as 20 minutes
  • Results can be seen in 4 treatments (hair reduction of up to 50%)
  • Suitable for legs, armpits, bikini line, chest, stomach and face
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Cannot be used on dark skin
  • It is not effective for those having white or light colored hair
  •  Individuals who has conditions like light sensitivity or other skin conditions such as psoriasis are advised NOT to use the device or at least contact your doctor for further advice


Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro Review Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro Review Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro Review

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