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BlackVue Wi-Fi New DR500GW-HD Review

Safety should always be one of our priorities. For your safe driving, cutting-edge security and safety solutions, the all new BlackVue Wi-Fi New DR500GW-HD provides you with ultra high definition video quality, and natural reproduction of videos that are  made to record all video images and sound with an assortment of recording features. This is certainly a device crafted with customer’s comfort in mind. If you want to know more about this product, continue reading this BlackVue Wi-Fi New DR500GW-HD review.

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BlackVue is made by Pittasoft Co., Ltd., a venture company that manufactures and sells vehicle drive recorders and IP network cameras and related softwares. Pittasoft develops high-end products with the best quality and steadfastness.

What does this product feature?

The BlackVue Wi-Fi New DR500GW has Full HD (1920×1080) 30-frame ultra-high quality video, Megapixel lens & 2M-pixel CMOS sensor that provides well-defined vision with high-resolution megapixel lens during both day/night-time driving. Thus, video recorder details provides unquestionable evidence.

It has Designer HD Video Black Box Recorder Quick release mounting and AV out allowing for add-on attachment of the monitor. The BlackVue Wi-Fi New DR500GW is perfect for all applications such as Law Enforcement, Hauliers, Taxi, Private Cars and etc.

BlackVue DR500G HD is effortlessly installed in less than a few minutes in any vehicle. The camera bracket with sticky pads can be adjusted to suit any window. It has a built-in WiFi and the BlackVue app, video that can be played no matter what place and time! It is so convenient!


  • This in car camera system can be set to permanently record on a continuous loop or to store pre and post event video and data when it detects adverse G-Force (you can set this threshold in the supplied software).
  • Detailed driving record such as vehicle speed and recording location information can be checked with BlackVue software.
  • Has 3 recording options: Normal, Event Recording and Parking Mode.
  • A built in Google Map will show you the journey on the road while on playback and will allow you to find your exact location.
  • High-quality wide-angle lens (156°) giving a maximized viewing angle to record accurate video of any accident.
  • The power wire is sturdy and long enough to wire back to your outlet. It has long power cord, which should be enough for most installations. In addition, unit comes with two 3M window stick-ons (more can be purchased) and 5 or 6 cord hooks that stick to the window or car molding to help direct the power cord.
  • Durable design with improved ventilation for better performance in high-temperature environments.


  • The factory SD card had a Trojan Horse. Make sure to scan it with your anti-virus before opening.
  • A bit pricey, but the functionality and quality matches the price.

With BlackVue Wi-Fi New DR500GW-HD, it’s never been easier to find every little detail of the events happening around your car especially during accidents. This device is not only for safety but it comes of very important use when you need evidence in case of trouble.


blackvue details blackvue labels blackvue partsblackvue rotation

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SONY F series Walkman NW-F807/W 64GB Review

SONY F series Walkman NW-F807/W 64GB ReviewI remember back in the day when my walkman was one of my prized posessions. Ah! Such sweet memories. In these times now, we have a lot of ways in playing the media files. I’ve always loved Sony though in all the audio products they have in the market. The SONY F series Walkman NW-F807/W 64GB is created for music lovers by music lovers. This walkman’s quartet of sound augmentation technologies brings clarity of original sound. Interested to know more? Read on in this SONY F series Walkman NW-F807/W 64GB Review.

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If you require unlimited sharing for unlimited fun, hear it with Sony. Sony is one of the world’s leading creators for consumer electronics and broadcast & professional products. Established for more half a decade, Sony has been known for it innovative and high quality products.

What makes SONY F series Walkman stand out?

These SONY F series Walkman NW-F807/W 64GB comprises of ATL (Automatic Level Control) which produces clear bass sound quality without any sound distortion. It prevents audio signals to escape from one channel to another, reproducing the sharp and clear stereo sound of the original source and thus taking your audio experience to a hyped level.

Being Sony’s originally developed audio bandwidth enhancement technology, it improves the degraded sound of packed down audio and restores high frequency range to reproduce natural sound close to the original source. Experience and feel it once you got the ear phones on your ears!


  • Android 4.0.4 (offers multi-tasking that was not available with A Series)
  • Playlist management from the device (playlist creation; add/removal to/from playlists)
  • Has a built in Mono Speaker
  • Great sound quality
  • Large Screen
  • Durable quality (Japan technology)
  • Noise Canceling system is capable of reducing ambient noise up to 75% (at 200Hz) of perceived sound level


  • Short battery life –  single battery charge does not last nearly as long (even with wifi disabled).
  • No physical buttons to control music playback; A Series is better for no-look touch control

Instructions for changing the language: This device is intended for the Japanese market, it will default to Japanese text and onscreen keyboard input when you first power it on. If you cannot read Japanese, unplug the power cord and simply hold down the power button until the Power Off window appears. Tap the text at the top next to the power button icon followed by tapping the OK button on the next window that appears (the button at the lower right). After the device shuts off, you will see language selection the next time you power it on. You may choose English to see all text in English.

To sum it all up, SONY F series Walkman NW-F807/W 64GB delivers unequaled portable audio/video experience that is totally worth the money you spend for it.


sony f series walkman black sony f series walkman blue sony f series walkman white


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Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII Color Image Scanner Review

The CanoScan 9000F Mark II Color Image Scanner is a speedy scanner with proficient film scanning quality. With this image scanner, you will benefit high-speed scanning for everything from photos to documents, to even 35mm film while also enjoying superb quality. If you are interested to know the pros and the cons of this scanner, continue reading this Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII Color Image Scanner Review.

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With 9600 x 9600 highest color dpi, it produces excellent detail in both business documents and photographs. This scanner has My Image Garden software, in which CanoScan 9000F Mark II makes you get the most out of your photos and documents, offering an easy and instinctive way to scan and organize your files.

Why should you choose Canon CanoScan 9000F?

Let’s get more of the positive features on this image scanner. The CanoScan 9000F MK II features Super Toric Lens – this delivers pin-sharp scans from edge-to-edge and bright yet low noise images. What makes more interesting of it is that it requires zero warm-up time and offers lower power consumption with super-efficient white LEDs – saves you time and power. Plus, its Fare Level 3 features dust and scratch elimination along with fading, grain and back light correction. Also, its Auto Scan Mode automatically adjusts settings by distinguishing what you’re scanning.

 The CanoScan 9000F Mark II also helps you get the most out of your photos and documents with My Image Garden software, it clever enough to neatly scan and organize your files.


  • Impressive speed in warming up, and speed in scanning in high-resolutions. This scanner will be very efficient for those who does a lot of scanning.
  • Try Auto Scan Mode and you will be amazed on how it works: excellent recognition, cropping, scanning and saving files in just one click.
  • Auto Document Fix (as opposed to photo fix with FARE) is also quite advanced and, for example, makes text as clear as possible – automatically.
  • This 9000F MKII has highly remarkable image quality; don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.
  • Ease of use.
  • Fast connectivity.
  • Durable quality.


  • Canon no longer bundle Photoshop Elements with their scanners.
  • It doesn’t have any auto-correction for images that are out of focus.

In summary, for cleaner, more robust scans of older prints, Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII Color Image Scanner gives you the automatic retouch and enhance feature to scan your photos back to life – it brings out very mpressive colors on the images.


cannon scanner open cannon scanner side


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Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 Pro 128 Gb Tablet Review

There were half-hearted reviews of Microsoft’s new Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet last week, but even so, the company says it has seen strong demand since it went on sale in the United States. The Microsoft says the Surface line is just getting started. Let’s take a closer look of this device in this Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 Pro 128 Gb Tablet Review. Read on.

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Admittedly, the Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 Pro 128 Gb Tablet seemed like it is a  confusing device. Why?  On the one hand its a tablet but on the other hand you get a keyboard for which makes it more like a laptop. So which one is it? And does it work well as both? Let’s find out.

A full Windows 8 Pro device in tablet form has the potential to shake up the mobile computing world, offering genuine computing power in a truly portable package. The Surface Pro doesn’t need to match the iPad or Nexus 10 in terms of thinness and lightness, or even battery life – after all, it offers functionality more akin to that of a laptop than a Windows tablet.

What’s in store for this device?

Lets start with the hardware of the tablet. The tablet it made out of a mix of aluminum and magnesium that Microsoft called VaporMg: the material that holds Surface together. It’s incredibly strong and doesn’t make the tablet too heavy either. It is a few more ounces than the iPad but it does have a bigger screen and it also has a full-sized USB port.

How about the software? Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 Pro 128 Gb Tablet  runs a special version of windows called Windows RT, it is for tablets with lower powered processors. It has all the goodness of Windows 8, you can swipe apps and put them side by side, but you cannot run older desktop apps on it, you have to run apps from the windows store. That means you can’t download programs from the web or even download something like iTunes that isn’t in the Microsoft store. But you do get Microsoft Office for free on any Windows RT tablet.


  • The tablet is very comfortable to hold but u might not have to hold is as much as other tablets because of its kickstand (incredibly proficient).
  • The material feels smooth and high quality.
  • It can run ALL apps and software (Example: You can get connected to your work VPN, connected to SQL server, and remote desktops, all from a tablet-sized machine).
  • The 10.6 inch display, its really bright and responsive and it works really well although it’s not as crisp as the retina display in the iPad.
  • The touch cover is just 3 mm thin and its still a full keyboard that’s flat – they have insanely strong magnets and you can attach the touch cover which is a cover with a keyboard built in.
  •  FAST, I mean blazing fast. Every time you reboot you will be shocked on how fast it shuts down and comes back up.
  • No fan noise at all, this device is completely silent!


  • Heavy, gets pretty hot, battery life’s not that great – you may get about 5 hours but seems very dependent on what you are doing.
  • Right now there are a lot of missing apps from the Microsoft store but hopefully they will add more as time goes.

To sum it up, if your goal is to ditch the tablet and laptop, and get one device to really support your needs in everyday tasks, the Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 Pro 128 Gb Tablet delivers all that in a near-perfect way. This device can be the beginning of a a new era in computer technology. The desktop and laptops are going to go away. Because if this is what the future has in store for us, why do we need a desktop any longer? The Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 Pro 128 Gb Tablet may have has raised the bar on all future products.


windows pro back windows pro front windows pro full back windows pro keyboards windows pro right windows pro side


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Panasonic PT-AE8000U Full HD 3D Home Theater Projector Review

If you are into watching great movies in the comforts of your home, you will be interested in this. Panasonic, a manufacturer of consumer and professional projector solutions, has their the latest PT-AE8000U full-HD 3D home theater projector that brings forth stupendous video experience. Interested? Continue reading this Panasonic PT-AE8000U Full HD 3D Home Theater Projector Review.

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This mode of Panasonic PT-AE8000U Full HD 3D Home Theater Projector is not as seemingly different from its predecessor as was the AE7000 from its own, but the visible appearances mean very little. The AE8000 of course has substantial improvements in a lot of areas especially on picture quality, from brightness (both in 2D and 3D) to contrast (both in dynamic range and shadow detail) to color accuracy and the clearness of detail. Any one of these improvements can seem rather little, but taken in sum they constitute a major upgrade that will interest both movie lovers, video fanatics and more casual users.

What makes this home theater projector stand out?

With 2,400 lumens of brightness and an extremely high 500,000:1 contrast ratio, this 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) resolution projector exemplifies Panasonic’s 11 years of home theater projector engineering. The PT-AE8000U gives outstanding picture quality in 2D, as well as advanced 3D features that convey a natural and comfortable movie theater experience at right at the luxury of your home.

The PT-AE8000 puts best of the focus on that extra component through both a 20 percent brighter 3D picture and motion reference for the stereoscopic vew. Fine-tuning is relatively new through picture stability and monitor tools that help refine the color and parallax effects before any 3D movie gets to begin.


  • Hollywood collaboration – Panasonic has manufactured high quality home theater projectors in collaboration with Hollywood filmmakers and Panasonic’s Hollywood Laboratory. This partnership is instrumental in the development of projectors that deliver the image quality filmmakers intended.
  • Advanced 3D features –  In order to deliver natural 3D movement, the PT-AE8000U projector’s 3D Motion Remaster feature interpolates an image between alternately created right and left images caused by the active shutter system and, as a result, enables smooth, continuous and properly positioned 3D images.
  • Excellent image quality – The PT-AE8000U comes equipped with a new 220W Red Rich Lamp for increased red intensity and a 2,400 lumens brightness rating, which enables the projector to produce bright images and deliver stunning color reproduction.
  • Installation flexibility and customization – Installing the PT-AE8000U is made easy with a 2x zoom lens and wide range of lens shift.
  • 3D depth control – Some 3D movies have entirely too much depth. By “too much depth,” I mean the filmmakers intentionally or unintentionally abuse 3D technology to create exaggerated depth and pop in their films. What this ends up doing is causing eyestrain. To fix this, the AE8000 has a depth control for 3D in the form of its 3D waveform monitor. This tool allows the user to adjust overall picture depth to fit within a “safe” range, thereby protecting viewers from sore eyes and headaches.


  • The manual lens shift control is a small joystick, which is handy for quick-and-dirty adjustments but can be finicky when trying to make smaller, more precise changes.
  • Another negative thing I can find in buying this product is that it is pricey! But then again, quality wise and from it’s features, it is definitely worth the money to spend for. 

In conclusion to this review, the Panasonic PT-AE8000U Full HD 3D Home Theater Projector is easily the best home theater projector Panasonic it has ever released, and has the most natural and film-like image in both 2D and 3D yet seen on a Panasonic home theater model.


panasonic projector back panasonic projector front

panasonic projector menu panasonic projector sideview

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