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These are the three words that says it all about this website….

We are Sex·y [séksee]


appealing; appealing because of being hot, interesting, and trendy

We are Tech·y [ˈte-kē]


characterized by technological sophistication: technical innovations

We are Chic [sheek]


stylish and elegant, fashionable style

Welcome to this website!

Why SexyTechyChic?

SexyTechyChic (STC) was created to nourish the Sexy Nerd within. It is a website that gives a shout out that nerd is indeed sexy, so let’s bring out the Sexy Nerd-iness in us! Here you will find posts of things and stuff that matter to the author (me – my name is Valerie) and hopefully these matter to you too! Sexy Techy Chic’s aim is to provide information you need on stuff you find online. It all started as a hobby to check out gadgets, new technologies and ideas of personal interests. In other words, for gadgets that come of interest for you, I do the research so you won’t have to!

Basically what you will find in this site are sophisticated technological innovation that are appealing, trendy, stylish, elegant, fashionable and in!  These are information that are personally compiled and combined from all over the web to cut through the hassles and identify the classy, hip and sexy gadget that fits a modern lifestyle. It also feature deals and tips on the best gifts for your love ones on special  days as well as office supplies that may be put into home office or even small office spaces. It may also feature sports gadgets, work-out routines and gym equipments that can be set up at home.

Nourish the inner nerd in you and together let us be sexy techy and chic! We hope you’ll find this site helpful…


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Valerie Park

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