Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm Review

Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm ReviewThe way we start our morning is actually a major influence for the rest of the day. A good read to know more about this is through Wake up Productive – a book that tells more about how to start a good morning and how it affects productivity. And as we speak of a good way to wake up, a good tool for this is the Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm. This device serves 4 purposes. With that reason alone, it is already quite a big help on the budget. With the help of this Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm Review, find out more about the pros and cons of buying this device and how it can help it making that deady morning routine a little more easier.

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The Beurer WL 90 is the excellent must have for those who find it a big challenge to wake up  in the morning. It features a sunrise stimulating LED light. What does this feature actually do? Read more.

What are the best features of he Beurer Wake Up Light Alarm (Beurer WL90)?

The natural response of the body is to wake up well when there is light outside.  But then, this does not happen all the time, especially when it is winter time or even in cloudy or darks months. As mentioned earlier, this device features a LED light that stimulates or immitates sunrise as well as sunset. As the light gradually brightens, it then naturally allows the body to gradually wake up. On another part, during the sunset mode, the gradual dimming of the light also stimulates a relaxing mode to naturally tell the body to  chill out and get ready for bed time.

Now let’s talk about Beurer WL90‘s other features which makes it an all around morning routine device. First off, is its alarm function. After the simulated sunrise, the user can set an alarm tone with ten wake up melodies to choose from or a favorite radio station. It can save up to 3 alarms. Of course as with other alarm clocks it has a snooze function. An activated snooze function enables the alarm to sound again based on the user-set snooze duration.

The best feature from this device though is its bluetooth capability. This features allows the device to also be a music station for a great playback of the user’s music of choice. In addition to that, the Beurer WL90 is easily managed using its app.  Mood light adjustments and choosing colors (over  colors to choose from) makes this device a fun little play toy not just for adults but also for youngsters.


  • Versatile, has 4 functions in 1 device
  • Phone App connects seamlessly and trouble free
  • Simulated sunrise with adjustable light intensity
  • Sunset function – Light dims gradually to simulate sunset
  • Wake up with radio, alarm tone or a choice of 10 wake up melodies
  • Optional mood light with 10 possible color settings
  • Stream music from your device to the built in speakers via Bluetooth
  • Time and date shown on display
  • Bluetooth compatible loudspeaker
  • Activation of sunset function
  • Choice of 10 preset mood light settings
  • Direct choice of mood light color
  • Alarm can be switched on/off for each day
  • Adjustment of alarm settings


  • This device needs the app (user must have a smartphone) inorder to maximize its features
  • The material is plastic but I guess this is also for the purpose of creating somewhat a  scattered or translucent effect on the LED light and does not make the light too sharp and too much on the eyes when waking up


Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm Review  Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm Review   Beurer 4 in 1 WL90 Wake-up Light Alarm Review

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Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro Review

Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro ReviewNot just women but also men have problems with unwanted hair in the body. Sometimes it even becomes frustrating to maintain it by shaving regularly.  The Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro makes all these frustration a thing of the past. With this device, the process of permanently removing unwanted hair in a in the comfort of home can be done simply, quickly, and safely. Read further on this Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro Review and find out if purchasing this device is worth the money to spend.

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The use of Intense Pulsed Light or IPL has been a common method used by medical practitioners to remove unwanted hair. Beurer IPL 7500 is a device that is clinically tested for maximum safety at home. It works by deactivating the hair roots deep underneath the skin. This process will then reduce the chance of the hair to grow back.

What are the best features of Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro?

The compact design of Beurer IPL 7500 makes it ideal for treating areas with small body sufaces. To be exact it has 3.1 square centimeters (0.47 square inches) light surface to  send light impulses into the hair. The estimated time frame for a full body treatment is up to 20 minutes. The treatment process would need up to 4 sessions to be able to see results of clear hair removal.

As mentioned earlier, this device uses the IPL technology in permanent hair removal. Our body has melanin pigments in the base part of the hair that absorbs the light emitted from the device. This creates heat and then impairs the hair follicles to prevent any further growth of the hair.

Certain skin types and/or hair types may not be suitable in using this device. It will not be effective on very light or grey hair  as well as those with very dark skin tones. For this purpose, it is integrated with a 2-in-1 skin sensor. This serves the purpose of sensing skin contact and skin type so that no light pulses will be discharged unless there is a suitable skin pigmentation. The device also features a built UV protection to protect the skin from harmful rays.


  • Compact design
  • IPL (intense pulsed light) technology responsible for long lasting hair removal
  • 150,000 light pulses and 3 energy levels
  • The devices includes one cartridge with 100,000 pulses
  • Clinically tested – confirmed in a study by Institute proDERM
  • Safe application with skin color and skin contact sensor
  • Built in UV protection
  • 0.47 sq inch treatment area
  • Full body treatment in as low as 20 minutes
  • Results can be seen in 4 treatments (hair reduction of up to 50%)
  • Suitable for legs, armpits, bikini line, chest, stomach and face
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Cannot be used on dark skin
  • It is not effective for those having white or light colored hair
  •  Individuals who has conditions like light sensitivity or other skin conditions such as psoriasis are advised NOT to use the device or at least contact your doctor for further advice


Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro Review Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro Review Beurer IPL 7500 Hair Removal Satin Skin Pro Review

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Beurer Professional Microdermabrasion Kit Review

Beurer Professional Microdermabrasion Kit ReviewHaving a vist to the Facial Care Salon or a Dermatology Clinic on a regular basis is a big blow on the budget. The good news is, we do not really need to go to these expensive facial care sessions to get a professional facial skin care treatment. The Beurer Professional Microdermabrasion Kit, is one of the technological breakthroughs that allows us to have the expensive sessions be done at home on a professional level. The Beurer FC100 Pureo Derma Peel Microdermabrasion machine is an absolute effective subsitute to beauty enhancing procedures such as botox as well as skin peeling using chemicals. This Beurer Professional Microdermabrasion Kit Review shall tell you more on how this device actually works and what are the benefits of having one at home.

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Our skin sheds thousands of dead skin cells daily – which is why it is important to keep it clean so that these unwanted dead cells will not clog up our skin’s natural breathing mechanism. This one of the main reasons why facial gadgets like the Beurer Professional Microdermabrasion helps a lot in achieving a healthy glowing skin.

What are the best features of Beurer Professional Microdermabrasion Kit (Beurer FC100)?

A single microdermabrasion treatment can cost around $150 up to $300. It takes about 10 sessions to get the expected result and by that time the cost is already up to thousands of dollars. But there is more to saving money when having this Microdermabrasion Kit at home. Beurer FC100 Professional Microdermabrasion Kit will not only make big saving for the user but also provide a safe beauty and cosmetic therapy done in the convenience of home. With that in mind, having to achieve healthier, soft, supple, and younger looking skin is easily at reach.

Beurer FC100 gives a dual effect upon regular interval of using it. First, is that it gives the skin a revitalising exfoliation. It gently removes excess skin cells through its precision attachments with fine saphire coating. It has three different attachments with three different roles to choose from. One is the precision attachment for precision area such as the nose. Two, is a larger attachment with fine saphire coating aimed for an all-around treatment and much preferrable for sensitive skin. And three, a coarse attachment that can be used as an intense treatment on problematic areas.

The second effect of this Beurer Professional Microdermabrasion Kit is the activating vacuum massage. What it does is that it simultaneously suctions the upper layer of the skin which then promotes blood circulation and thereby stimulating cell renewal. The creation of FC100 Derma Peel Microdermabrasion Kit is indeed a scientific wonder for those who are wanting to have a noticeably firmer skin. This device enables a professional facial exfoliation at home through microdermabrasion technology. It invigorates your face and then gives you visibly firmer looking skin at an affordable price.


  • Dual effect: Revitalizing exfoliation and  Activating vacuum massage
  • Adjustable up to 5 intensity levels depending on user’s skin type
  • Has 3 Saphire coated attachments
  • 20 replacement filters included
  • Integrated mirror gives optimal ease in application
  • Durable German quality materials used


  • Some skin may be too sensitive with this kind of facial peeling. Before using the device, it is best to do a skin test for 24 hours, if there is redness or allergies noted, do not use the device.
  • This is not really a disadvantage but the vacuum massage works only when a vacuum is created when the device is in contact with the skin. The user should make sure to use the right attachment during application.


Beurer Professional Microdermabrasion Kit Review Beurer Professional Microdermabrasion Kit Review Beurer Professional Microdermabrasion Kit Review

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Polaroid POP 3×4″ Instant Print Digital Camera Review

Polaroid POP 3x4" Instant Print Digital Camera ReviewThe Polaroid camera sounds so classic. It was year 1948 when the instant camera, the model 95 Land Camer, was first invented by Edwin Land, an American scientist. The modern times has brought this classic gadget into a much higher level as it merged with digital technology. Find out through this Polaroid POP 3×4″ Instant Print Digital Camera Review, the features as well as the limitations of this digital device and all the more of it is worthy of its price tag. Also, find out the difference of this device from the earlier polaroid camera releases like the Polaroid Snap Touch as well as it’s difference from Fujifilm Instax Square.

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Perhaps the feeling of nostalgia may not be around for those who are born in the millenial era. For those who have the nostalgia, the new features can be quite mind-blowing in comparison to the features of the older Polaroid models. The digital counterpart along with the Bluetooth and WiFi/WLAN Connectivity does not only make up the big difference of the device. Read more and find out.

What are the best features of Polaroid POP 3×4″ Instant Print Digital Camera?

The Polaroid Pop is not just an ordinary instant camera. Its design is quite neat, thin and slick. But apart from the chic look, it has a whoping 20MP CMOS sensor. This camera not just takes photos but is also capable of recording 1080p full HD videos. The videos and pictures can then be stored in a micro SD card of up to 128GB. This is quite an impressive difference as compared to the 3.4MP camera from Fujifilm Instax Square Hybrid.

Just like its predecessors (The Polaroid Snap and Polaroid Snap Touch), the core of feature of these polaroid cameras is its printing ability. The device’s integrated printer uses ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology. The old polaroid cameras have used fluid compound enclosed in a thin plastic sheet to form the image. With this Polaroid’s new trademark technology, implanted crystals that are tinted as well as heat are used to create stunning 3.5- by 4.25-inch print-outs that of course features the all-time favorite Polaroid Classic Boarder Logo.

Another cool add-on features of this device is the WiFi and Bluetooth capability of the camera which enables it to connect to a Smartphone (iOS or Android) and transforms it into an instant photo printer via the Polaroid App. Extra features in the App include its ability to add stickers and effects as well as and filters to enhance the image, plus the images takes less than a minute to print.


  • Small and slick design with choices of different colors
  • 20MP photos
  • 1080p HD video
  • Built in dual LED flash and Microphone
  • Digital Zoom enabled
  • 3.97″ LCD Viewfinder touchscreen
  • 3.5×4.25″ Border Prints in vibrant colors
  • Polaroid POP App to edit, filter, add extras and print the pictures from your smartphone or tablet
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Micro SD Card enables saving capacity up to 128GB
  • Ink-free Zero Ink Printing technology
  • ZINK Paper has an adhesive back  so the photo can be used as a sticker as well


  • The material is made up of plastic and can easily get scratches – providing a case might be necessary to protect it.
  • The App is glitchy and hopefully Polaroid updates this problem soon.
  • For a 20MP camera, the print outs seem less than its quality but then it is much better than the 3.4MP from Fujifilm’s Square.

In comparison to other digital polaroid cameras in the market, this products seemed to have the better quality for a much cheaper price. For those who are just looking for a polaroid printer, the Polaroid ZIP is also a good option to directly print from Smartphones or Tablets.


Image result for Polaroid POP 3x4" Instant Print Digital Camera     Polaroid POP 3x4" Instant Print Digital Camera Review    Image result for Polaroid POP 3x4" Instant Print Digital Camera

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Google Wifi System Review

Google WiFi System ReviewA continuous and stable WiFi connection is necessary for those who are working constantly most especially to those who are working at home. Bloggers, online sellers and the likes for example would definitely appreciate a house with a great internet coverage. Internet connection problems in homes mostly include dead zones and buffering on specific areas. A good router and internet provider is a factor for achieving an excellent internet connection. To maximize the internet signal throughout your home, using more than one wireless access point aside from the router will be a great advantage. Google has a product that does exactly that and this Google Wifi System Review will tell you more about it.

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The Google WiFi System provides a seemingly affordable and yet reliable mesh system  around your house. It will definitely solve dead zone problems – a common problem amongst most routers. This mesh system made directly by Google has an impressively smart hardware design. It also has a notibly intelligent cloud-based brain power that can manage a strong WiFi through your home regardless of its lay-out, construction and size.

What are the the Best Features of Google WiFi System?

Quite different from the router (the OnHub) that Google released not long ago,  the Google Wifi is very much user friendly. It can be easily set up through a smart phone or a tablet. Apart from this, it can also be managed and controlled remotely – even when you are not at home. It features parental controls that is able to shut down a WiFi connection when needed be. This enables good family times, without the disturbance of Social Networking sites or Apps and online Games.

The design looks modern and chic. Each WiFi device is dense, solid and compact. A discreet looking cylinder that can be easily put on a shelf or a small table.  It does not appear to be a huge fragment of computer equipment but rather looks neat and stylish.

What is more important than the impressive design and appearance is the performance of this WiFi System. WiFi coverage and internet connection reliability of the entire mesh system surpassed absolutely high expectations. Be it with just one device or three internet connection is fast and flawless. Multiple data transfer was facilitated smoothly and notably fast. With multiple WiFi points, the internet connects from one unit to another seamlessly as it detects which WiFi point has the fastest connection and least traffic.

Interestingly, for those who have previously bought the OnHub – with an upgrade it can be used continuously as a WiFi point the same as the other units in Google WiFi System.


  • Compact, sleek and neat design
  • Easy to install (takes a few minutes)
  • Easy to manage from any of your mobile devices
  • Overall provides solid internet speed
  • Friendly to the budget as compared to other devices like Eero, Luma and Orbi
  • Covers WiFi points of up to 1,500 sq. ft (0n a single device) or a set of three covers homes up to 4,500 sq. ft.
  • Parental control is possible even if you are not connected on the Mesh System (you just have to be online and log in to your Google account
  • Network Assist technology enables you to have fast connection by always selecting the clearest channel and fastest band for your device
  • Compatible with major internet service providers


  • The device has no USB connectivity
  • It lacks a lot of customizable advanced features on its network settings
  • You have to have a Google Account and a mobile device (where you can download the app) to be able to have this system actually work. On a positive note – Google account is free (for some people this may seem to be disturbing).


Google Wifi System Review  Google Wifi System Review  Google Wifi System Review

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